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New Site and a New Logo

We are so anxious to share with you the new site. Here's a morsel to enjoy while you anxiously await the unveiling of the all-new our new logo! You can expect to see the new site in all its glory in September.
Diets in Review New Logo

Brooke Randolph

Newest Team Member: Brooke Randolph, LMHC

We have a bright new face in the Diet Blog, her name is Brooke Randolph. She's a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, currently practicing in the state of Indiana. Brooke's series will post each Monday in the blog, where she'll share and discuss the connection between mental and emotional health and weight loss. She'll help you battle the bulge by battling with your mind. Please join us in welcoming Brooke to
Brooke Randolph


September Featured Guest Blogger of the Month: girlawhirl

Starting 9/9, every Tuesday in September you'll see posts from our Featured Guest Blogger of the Month. is a place where women can learn more about managing their lives- everything from going green and beauty to fashion and of course their health. Melissa Spiesman is the Nutritional Consultant at and will be contributing the following articles. You won't want to miss these.
Tues. 9/9 Super Foods: Now you know them, What to do with them
Tues. 9/16 Agave Nectar: Sweet possibilities
Tues. 9/23 We all have issues, the issue of Food Issues
Tues. 9/30 Coconut Oil: Right in the palm of your hand

Featured Guest Blogger of the Month


You can find hundreds of free recipes at that complement your Weight Watchers, Diabetic or Low-Carb/Atkins Diet. Recipes like the following don’t make you sacrifice flavor for your diet’s sake.

Tomato Basil Quiche

Tomato Basil Quiche

Brunch guests will sing your praises when you serve this rich tomato basil quiche. A sharp white cheddar cheese with fresh herbs and vegetables combines to make a hearty meal. 205 Calories, 8g Fat, 4 WW Points

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Jump-start your morning with this fruity, juicy smoothie made with fresh strawberries and bananas. It's perfect when you're on the go and will fill you up. 232 Calories, .7g Fat, 4 WW Points



Kinsey’s Nutrition Tips

Dear Diet Diary

Food journals provide you with evidence that cutting calories and choosing healthier foods really do translate into weight loss. The more detailed you are the better. You should keep track of the food you are eating, portion size, and calories/fat. Note who you eat with, your mood, amount of time to eat, and your activity while eating (reading, watching tv). Studies show that people who stay dedicated and keep track of a detailed journal lose more weight and actually keep the weight off.

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Must-see Blog Posts

If you're not bookmarking the Diet Blog and checking in each day, you're missing some hot health topics from our team of health and wellness writers. Check-out the latest news, information and tips from each blogger:


Diet Reviews


Matt’s Fitness Tip


Burning Calories Can be Fun
Getting bored with your work-out? Break-up the monotony by expending energy with these fun activities outside the gym. For a 150 pound person at a 30-minute interval, you could do the following:

Shooting Baskets: 153 Calories
Bike Riding (moderate intensity): 272 Calories
Golf with no cart: 153 Calories
Racquetball: 238 Calories
Raking Leaves: 146 Calories
Push Mowing Lawn: 204 Calories
Chasing Kids: 170 Calories

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