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Meet the All-New DietsInReview.com!

If you haven't already, we invite you take some time to wander through the all-new site, launched last week. We listened to your feedback, introduced some new ways to share all of this diet and health information with you, and created a much cleaner, friendlier site that's easier to navigate. Some of the new features you can now use are:

Diet Reviews
Now with more than 500 reviews, you're sure to find the right diet for you. And the new interactive rating system will help you determine at a glance which reviews are the most popular.

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Watch and learn how to eat better, workout and follow diet and weight loss trends. We've got hundreds of videos that will educate and entertain.

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This is what you're buzzing about - find all of the diet blog posts, diet reviews, recipes and videos that DietsInReview has on any subject of interest in this one convenient space.

Now featuring more than 700 healthy recipes, follow the user-generated reviews to find the most popular, or choose from the category that best suits your dieting needs, like Weight Watchers, Diabetic, Low-Carb or Vegetarian.

8 Chemical Food Additives You Should Avoid

It's no secret that our packaged grocery foods are laden with man-made, chemical ingredients that provide zero nutritional value. Learn more about where the most harmful additives are hiding and how to avoid the associated health risks.

Thanks to you - this story was recently featured on the Yahoo! Homepage. A sincere thank you to all the readers who use the Yahoo! Buzz button on blog posts to share news and information you find most valuable.

October Featured Blogger: ChewOnThat Blog

They've published in the Diet Blog on a few occasions, but are now set to join us the entire month of October. Each Tuesday, check out the Diet Blog to hear what our friends Maxine and Hillary have to say about eating well with fresh recipes that promote health and the best of Autumn flavors.

October 7: Apples
October 14: Cranberries
October 21: Pecans
October 28: Healthy Halloween

We're pleased to have them with us once again, but feel we must warn you- you'll enjoy their anecdotes and might not be able to resist the urge to prepare their delectable recipes.


Search more than 700 free recipes that complement your Weight Watchers, Diabetic or Low-Carb/Atkins Diet. Recipes like the following don’t make you sacrifice flavor for your diet’s sake.

Barack Obama Pizza Burger

Barack Obama Pizza Burger

All of the flavor of the Democratic nominee's home town of Chicago, this angus burger is like a mozzarella-covered, marinara-soaked pizza on a bun. It's also loaded in calories and fat, so we've elected a few suggestions for making this, or any burger recipe, less of a diet crusher and more likely to be nominated for dinner.

John McCain Chicken Queso Burger

John McCain Chicken Queso Burger

The Republican's sandwich namesake is loaded with MUFAs from avocado and olive oil, and a grilled chicken sandwich is usually ideal for a healthy dinner- but this recipe loaded with cheese and piled on a bun delivers an unhealthy dose of calories, fat and carbs. Learn how we've vetoed the original and the suggestions for making this a healthier candidate for dinner.



Kinsey’s Nutrition Tips

Proper nutrition to prevent breast cancer

The best way to nutritionally help yourself reduce your risk of breast cancer, or any cancer, is to consume a plant-based, low fat and cholesterol diet. Really focus on eating plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, and whole-grain products. Women who drink alcohol on a regular basis are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer versus women who don’t. Also, incorporating folate into your diet has shown to reduce your chances breast cancer.

Send Kinsey your questions today.
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Celebrate the Relaunch with our Biggest Donation and Biggest Giveaway Ever!!

We hope you've had a chance to look around the all-new DietsInReview.com. To celebrate our own renovation, we're offering you our biggest giveaway and donation ever! Current subscribers simply enter to win by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject "Breast Cancer Research."


You'll be eligible to win one of three prize packs valued at $185 each, to include:

  • DietsInReview.com reusable grocery bag
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  • Crack the Fat-Loss Code
  • The Flexitarian Diet

Five runners-up will receive the grocery bag, Crack the Fat-Loss Code and The Flexitarian Diet.

For each new newsletter subscriber in October, we'll donate $1 to breast cancer research in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Send your friends to learn more and to sign-up to be eligible for the drawing!

The winner of the Jorge Cruise 12-Second Sequence autographed book was Shelley K. from Nevada!

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If you're not bookmarking the Diet Blog and checking in each day, you're missing some hot health topics from our team of health and wellness writers. Check-out the latest news, information and tips from each blogger:


Diet Reviews

This month, DietsInReview marked a milestone, we published our 500th diet review! This certainly doesn't mean we're slowing down, we currently have dozens more diets, books, products and supplements under review and will continue updating the site.
Learn more about some of the newest diet reviews:


Matt’s Fitness Tip


Tips for Muscle Soreness
Muscle soreness occurs every once in a while when you over do the work-out. When you exercise or lift weights, you break the muscles down and sometimes causes this soreness. To elimante this from happening, make sure you properly stretch before and after the workout, get plenty of sleep, don't over do it, and intake enough protein and other important nutrients each and every day.

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