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Bob Harper

Interview with Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper

Brandi had the opportunity this past week to catch-up with Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper. He shares some of his advice for surviving Thanksgiving, as well as the appropriate way to gift food during the holidays. He also talks a bit about how the dynamic has changed this season on the show, and shares some thoughts on controversial contestant Vicky Vilcan.

Hear the interview.

Interview with Guest Blogger, Lisa Chernick of Weight Watchers

Many thanks to Weight Watchers for being the featured guest blogger during November. We visited with Lisa to talk about the benefits of Weight Watchers and what makes it a successful weight loss plan and not a fad diet. She explained that Weight Watchers can be the support you need during the holiday season, be it healthful recipes, helping you stay organized or de-stressing, or even finding friendship in the community. Hear the interview.


This is the week when everyone's ovens start turning out your family's favorite meals and desserts. This Thanksgiving, be thankful there are delicious alternatives to unhealthy traditions.


10 Healthier Thanksgiving Day Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard. Tips on how to eat consciously at the dessert table, and some tasty new recipes like Harvest Time Praline Apple Cranberry Pie and Pecan Meringues.

Thanksgiving Healthy Recipe Guide

Learn to make your favorite recipes more nutritious, and find 17 savory recipes that are diet-friendly, like Apricot Citrus Stuffed Ham, Famous Green Bean Casserole and Spicy Cranberry Dip.

Weight Watchers' Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Lisa's final guest blog revealed some of the yummiest recipes for Thanksgiving from the Weight Watchers collection. One serving of her entire menu comes out to a conservative 13 points- leaving you with room for dessert!


Kinsey’s Nutrition Tips

Thanksgiving Tips to Stay in Control

It’s that time of the year and you know you always say “it’s so difficult to control my urges." Try these simple ways to help control yourself at your Thanksgiving feast:

  1. Portion Control!
  2. Don’t wait all day to eat. Eat breakfast and a healthy snack before Thanksgiving lunch.
  3. Have fresh steamed veggies (not everything should be smothered in butter or cream sauces).
  4. Drink water, this will help you to feel full and cut calories on alcohol/other drinks.
  5. Have a bite of someone’s dessert, rather then getting your own serving.

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Last Chance! Filter For Good & Biggest Loser Giveaway

Take the Filter For Good pledge to reduce plastic water bottle waste and be eligible to win one of four prize packs featuring gifts from Brita, Nalgene and Biggest Loser. Learn more, and make your pledge before November 30.

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Matt’s Fitness Tip


Thanksgiving is definitely a weight-gaining holiday, and is the start of a long holiday season. Watch what you eat and stay active as much as you can. Focus on smaller portion sizes, variety, low-fat foods, and watch your alcohol intake. If you do this, you might just have a positive beginning to a new year.

See Matt's Top 6 Thanksgiving Day Exercises.

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