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Happy Spring

What a relief that Spring is finally here! While some are struggling with seasonal allergies and chores, others are concerned about the impending swimsuit season. To those who made a weight loss or fitness resolution in January and stuck to it- congratulations on your successful efforts! To those who still have a ways to go, or are just starting to think about shedding some pounds, it's never too late. The time is always right to choose a healthy lifestyle, and Diets I Tried provides the resources you need to get started. Happy Spring- and good luck on your continued success.

Genotype Diet

Peter D'Adamo Dr. Peter D'Adamo suggests in his new book, The Genotype Diet, that by taking simple measurements of your body, you can determine your genetic code and find a diet that is designed just for you.

He says research has found that 70% of your genes are changeable because they are influenced so heavily by your environment, and that “the single biggest influence environmentally on gene expression is diet.”

Genotype DietIf you're tired of diets that never seem to work, you might consider The Genotype Diet. For the cost of the book, you'll receive an entirely personalized diet and fitness plan. Not only can you see weight loss, but you can positively impact your health and risk for certain diseases.

Learn more with the Genotype Diet Review

Hear the interview with Dr. Peter D'Adamo and

Biggest Loser Finale - Season 5

Ali Vincent We can't possibly spoil the surprise by now- last week Ali Vincent became the first female Biggest Loser. Losing 112 pounds during her time on Biggest Loser 5, Ali has quickly become a source of inspiration and motivation for women everywhere. Senior Editor Brandi Koskie attended the live finale in LA, and watched as Ali toppled fellow female finalist Kelly Fields and weight-loss giant Roger Schultz.

The other surprise win was Bernie Salazar taking the at-home Biggest Loser prize. He shed 130 pounds total, on and off the ranch.

Bernie Biggest Loser Finale

The contestants all returned for the final weigh-in and all looked amazing. They each celebrated their incredible transformations, thanks to the dedication of themselves and their trainers, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper.

You can see the interviews with Biggest Losers Ali and Bernie, as well as the winning trainer, Jillian Michaels, online now, to hear their immediate reactions.

Biggest Loser Season 6 has already been casted and begins filming next week. The season premiers in September, with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels returning. Season 7 will premiere in January 2009. Casting has begun, but has not closed. Stay tuned to the Diets In Review Diet Column for updates. In the meantime, take on the challenge yourself with the Biggest Loser Club.


You can find hundreds of free recipes at that complement your Weight Watchers, Diabetic or Low-Carb/Atkins Diet. Recipes like the following don't make you sacrifice flavor for your diet's sake.

Chocolate Fudge Shakes

Chocolate Fudge Shakes Give into your chocolate addiction with this creamy Chocolate Fudge Shake. This icy cold dessert has a rich, creamy flavor and only 1 Weight Watchers Point. You can afford to feel good without feeling guilty.

Fresh Strawberry Shake

Strawberry SmoothieIndulge in one of the sweetest flavors Spring has to offer with this Fresh Strawberry Shake. It's a diabetic-friendly recipe that anyone can enjoy. Whip these up for dessert or a healthy snack, it has only 106 calories.

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