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Announcing the New Natural Health Newsletter

We're pleased to now offer a once-monthly Natural Health Newsletter, focused on living a healthy and positive lifestyle. Let this be a a place for you to find resources to guide you on your path to eating better, living healthier and laughing along the way. We're partnering with Amy Vermeer of to share more information about personal wellness and growth.

Each month the newsletter will feature a can't-miss nutritional topic, inspiring fitness guidance, a healthy and tasty recipe, coverage of related news and something good for the soul- an introduction to a worthwhile charitable organization.

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Flaky Apple Turnovers

Flaky Apple Turnovers

Warm-up a winter morning with a sweet breakfast that will fill your kitchen with the inviting aroma of freshly baked apple turnovers. You can feed a crowd, or freeze and store. 47 Calories, 0mg Cholesterol, .6g Fat

Old Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese

Old Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese

Recipes like this show how it's possible to indulge a little in your favorite comfort foods, without crashing a diet. This cheesy, oven-baked classic has 341 Calories, 5.6g Fiber and 18.7g Protein.


Cupid on a Diet

Do something healthy for your honey and try some of these this Valentine's day!

  • Instead of boxed chocolates, give an assortment of nuts (avoid chocolate and candy covered).
  • Rather than dining out, try setting the romantic mood at home. You'll save money and know exactly how many calories you're consuming.
  • In place of dessert, share a bowl of fruit.
  • Skip dinner and a movie. Pack a picnic-style dinner then go for a sunset stroll outside.
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Diet Reviews

Take a look at some of the most popular names in dieting and weight loss to see if one of them fits your needs. If none of these fit the bill, check out the more than 625 diet reviews published on the site.

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Postpartum Yoga with Shiva Rea

Renowned yoga instructor Shiva Rea introduces a gentle set of yoga poses to help new mothers regain their center and strength.

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Matt’s Fitness Tip


Share the Love with your Heart
Determining your target heart rate while working out is dependent upon your personal goals. You can avoid over doing it and give yourself the necessary push in the gym when you know your target rate.

I've done most of the math for three different goals (maintenance, weight loss and athletes). Find your target heart rate then see how it changes your workouts.

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