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Healthy Back to School

Healthy Back to School

Parents, teachers and kids across the country are gearing up for the most bittersweet time of year – back to school. Last week the focus was on the kids. We invited moms, yoga instructors, chefs, nutrition experts and more to share their insights on ways to fuel kids’ minds, bodies and souls as they transition back into the classroom and prepare for a strong year ahead.

Whether it’s packing a healthier sack lunch, advocating for more nutritious school food, putting more fitness into their days, or helping them de-stress, we’ve got it covered.

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Introducing the Diet Finder

Have you been searching for a weight loss plan that's just the right fit for your goals and lifestyle? Then try our new Diet Finder, a tool that matches you with the best-fitting weight loss plan.

It will take just minutes to complete the brief series of 15 questions, each intended to more closely align you with an ideal plan.

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September - Autism Awareness

September - Autism Awareness

The week of September 21 we're running a special series focused on the ways nutrition and fitness can aid children with autism. If you're an expert on the subject and would like to apply to be a guest author, please email us before September 14.


Tunisian Spiced California Raisin Hummus

Tunisian Spiced California Raisin Hummus

Whether packed in your lunch box or one for the kids, this is a nutritious, filling and tasty snack, perfect for dipping veggies or whole grain pita chips. Or, use as a spread on a sandwich or wrap. 70 calories

Biggest Loser Breakfast Burrito

Biggest Loser Breakfast Burrito

Make these with fresh veggies and turkey bacon over the weekend, and you've got a healthy microwaveable breakfast for those hurried on-the-go mornings. They're far more filling than a toaster pastry and will fuel little minds through recess! 251 Calories

Diet Reviews

There are 900 diet reviews published at, making us a leading resource for clearing the diet and weight loss noise. While most of these are intended to help men and women identify the plan that is right for them, we're also committed to helping children live healthy, active lifestyles.

There are more than 15 reviews that focus on developing healthy eating and activity habits for children. Some help parents better understand how to reverse the signs of childhood obesity, some offer guidance for developing healthy habits, and others focus on the unique needs of children with autism or epilepsy.

Learn more about children's health plans, or look at a specific diet review:

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MojaMix Giveaway - Last Chance!

MojaMix Giveaway

Make a bowl of cereal your way with a custom blend from MojaMix. You can choose from of a variety of whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruits, all sourced from local farmers with most being organic. Learn more about this custom cereal from MojaMix, and tell us your favorite cereal before 8/21/09 to be eligible.

Featured Video

Bernie Calls Out School Lunches
This former Biggest Loser is on a mission to help our kids stay fit and healthy. He's encouraging parents and administrators to re-think the school lunch.

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