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Have a Healthy Football Playoff Season

It takes little time at all for the first temptations of the new year to creep in to your weight loss plans. With NFL playoffs under way and the Feb. 7 Super Bowl just around the corner, you might find yourself in the calorie conundrum that is Sunday football watch parties.

We're eliminating the excuses and arming you with the tips and recipes you need to make these next few Sundays just as fan fueled, but less calorie fueled.

Fitness Tips for the Football Spectator
10 Healthy Tailgating Recipes and Food Swaps
Biggest Loser's Super Bowl Recipes by Curtis Stone
NFL Fights Childhood Obesity with Fuel Up to Play 60


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

No other breakfast food is as nutritionally beneficial, filling, and satisfying as this warm and cozy oatmeal recipe.

Baked Chicken and Prosciutto

Baked Chicken and Prosciutto

This is a delightful variation on traditional chicken cordon bleu that is nearly effortless to prepare.

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Featured Slideshow: Food Label Glossary

Confused by all the marketing speak on packaged foods? Our dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield defines all these low, free and reduced terms.

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Amanda's Quick Tip

Featured Video: Amanda's Quick Tip

Our Biggest Loser correspondent wants you to drink more water!

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