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Cook at Home Challenge with Chef Devin Alexander

How many meals do you prepare each week at home? The U.S. Department of Energy says that less than 40 percent of households prepare a meal at home once each day, that means most American families are sourcing their meals from mostly unhealthy sources like restaurant menus. We want to change that, and with the help of Chef Devin Alexander, want you to join us.

We're excited to announce the Cook at Home Challenge, an effort to encourage families to prepare five more meals each week at home than they already do. We think you'll quickly notice, and enjoy, the health benefits, financial savings, and time you gain with family and even friends.

You'll share your experiences with the Cook at Home Challenge community by posting blogs, videos or photos. The best part, you're entered to win valuable weekly prizes that will make it easier and more enticing to get back in to the kitchen. Not to mention, each submission makes you eligible for the Healthy Kitchen Makeover grand prize package valued at $1,895.

Accept the challenge and get started now!

Kim Fine's True Weight Loss Story

How does a 25-year-old working in the fast-paced advertising world of Chicago lose more than 150 pounds in 13 months? With old-fashioned hard work in the gym and a conscious effort to change the way she eats. Kim Fine tells us her True Weight Loss Story.

Read how Kim "rewrote her life story" and tell us your.


McDonald's Big Mac

McDonald's Big Mac

Chef Devin loves comfort food as much as the rest of us, which is why she set out on a mission to make a healthier version of one of America's favorite burgers. Try this during one of your Cook at Home Challenge meals to fight the craving for the drive-thru.

Boneless Buffalo Strips

Boneless Buffalo Strips

Another favorite of Chef Devin's is this bar appetizer classic. Instead of greasy wings, you can make this lean platter at home with bold flavors, including her take on blue cheese dressing for dipping. Make it for one or for a crowd, it's sure to please either way.

Diet Reviews

With more than 1000 published diet reviews, is a leading resource for clearing the diet and weight loss noise. Check-out the new reviews recently added to the site:

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Amanda's Biggest Loser Q&A

Amanda's Biggest Loser Q&A

Our Biggest Loser correspondent answers your questions about the ranch, weight loss, fitness and anything else that you're curious about. See the fifth installment of her ongoing series, and ask a question of your own!

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