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The 90-Day Fitness Challenge

90 Day Fitness Challenge

What happens to Biggest Losers after they leave the ranch? For season six contestants Amy and Phil Parham, they write a book. And make a fitness DVD. And keep living an active, healthy lifestyle.
In their new release "The 90-Day Fitness Challenge," the Parhams show American families how to makeover their lifestyles one day at a time. With guidance on everything from eating habits and fitness to relying on your faith and spirituality, the Parhams prove that it's possible to not only lose the weight, but keep it off and inspire an entirely new life for yourself.

About Amy and Phil (with video)

Interview with Amy and Phil (with audio)

90-Day Fitness Challenge Review


Walnutty Egg and Bell Pepper Gratin

Walnutty Egg and Bell Pepper Gratin

A fresh and healthy way to enjoy the most important meal of the day, this breakfast scrambler includes bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, basil, asparagus and crunchy walnuts.

Top-Only Real Blueberry Pie

Top-Only Real Blueberry Pie

Take advantage of those juicy blueberries while they're still ripe in this delicious pie, featuring a made-from-scratch crust.

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The 90-Day Fitness Challenge

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With or without Biggest Loser, Courtney Crozier is determined to reach a healthy weight. At 21-years old, in spite of not being cast for two weight loss reality shows, Courtney has lost 121 pounds completely on her own. After hitting the 100-pound milestone, she confesses to feeling happier and more confident, and is using that to drive her to continue on her journey.

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