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Issue # 10.4 - Eliminated Week 4 - Burgandy and Sophia

Double Elimination Interview with Burgandy and Sophia - Even though they went home just four weeks in to this competition, both remain incredibly positive and upbeat.

Sophia's Biggest Loser Slideshow

Burgandy's Biggest Loser Slideshow

Shay's Week 4 Recap: Cupcake temptation, dinner at Bob's, and some emotional breakthroughs have Shay talking!

Biggest Loser Reunion with 30 Contestants in Thanksgiving Where are They Now Special

Biggest Loser Workouts Blast Fat and Preserve Muscle Mass

Curtis Stone's Vanilla Cupcake Recipe - Only 60 calories and your choice of banana or raspberry frosting.

Bob Harper's Vegan Dinner Recipes - In a BL first, contestants were invited to Bob's home for a homemade vegan meal prepared by Brooke Larson. We've got the recipes!

Video: Biggest Loser Resort's Sharon Reed - An interview with the fitness director from the resort's Utah location, in which she discuss the evolution of the program and what guests can expect.

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