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Issue #12.1 - Eliminated Week 1 Debbie Lounds

Debbie's Elimination Interview - Some thought the way she handled herself during deliberation justified her week-one elimination, but Debbie told us "I wasn't coming from a place of meanness... I speak what is on my mind." Hear about the "catfight" between her and Bonnie, how she's preparing for the marathon, and what she learned at the ranch in our interview.

Debbie's Biggest Loser Slideshow

Courtney's Week 1 Recap

We knew you were going to miss Courtney this season, so we're keeping you as close as possible! Tune in each Wednesday for her exclusive video recap and reaction. This week, she's calling Debbie out for her treatment of Bonnie, and takes some time to show her love for each new member of the Biggest Loser family!

Meet the Biggest Loser Season 12 Contestants - Learn a little more about the 15 new faces we were introduced to in the premiere, including where they call home, what they do for a living, and what they hope to get out of the next 12 weeks.

Biggest Loser Trainer and Contestant Interviews - We sent Brittany Aberle to The Ranch during week one to meet some of the new contestants and to speak with Dolvett, Anna, and Bob and see how their worlds had been rocked just a few days in. When the Biggest Loser cameras are off, and ours are on, everyone gets a bit more candid!

Join Biggest Loser Club, Win a Membership for a Friend - When you join Biggest Loser Club online before Tuesday, September 27, you'll be eligible to win a 3-month membership for a friend or family member. Only one can win the prize, but everyone can have a chance to live the Biggest Loser lifestyle at home.

Sam Poueu's Family Explains His Accident and Recovery - News spread quickly during Labor Day weekend about season 9's Sam, who had been taken to ICU following an unspecified accident. His family, with that of his fiancee Stephanie Anderson, spoke out last week to explain what happened, and why he has a long recovery ahead of him.

Biggest Loser Recipe - BBQ Chicken Mini Pizza - This fresh recipe idea comes from the Biggest Loser Resort chefs and makes for a fast and simple lunch or dinner for one.

Week 1 Results

  • John Rhode Current Weight:408 Weight Lost:8.31%
  • Antone Davis Current Weight:415 Weight Lost:7.16%
  • Joe Mitchell Current Weight:326 Weight Lost:6.32%
  • Courtney Rainville Current Weight:254 Weight Lost:5.93%
  • Jessica Limpert Current Weight:239 Weight Lost:5.91%
  • Sunny Sinclair Current Weight:261 Weight Lost:5.78%
  • Jennifer Rumple Current Weight:353 Weight Lost:5.76%
  • Johnny Forger Current Weight:311 Weight Lost:5.18%
  • Patrick Ferrari Current Weight:367 Weight Lost:5.17%
  • Vinny Hickerson Current Weight:405 Weight Lost:5.17%
  • Ramon Medeiros Current Weight:338 Weight Lost:4.79%
  • Becky Comet Current Weight:228 Weight Lost:4.20%
  • Mike Danley Current Weight:297 Weight Lost:3.88%
  • Debbie Lounds Eliminated Week 1 Current Weight:233 Weight Lost:2.51%
  • Bonnie Griffin Current Weight:250 Weight Lost:1.57%

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