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Issue #12.4 - Eliminated Week 4 Mike Danley

Mike Danley's Elimination Interview - There's been a lot of public criticism of Anna's training style on Biggest Loser, but Coach Mike defends her saying the producers wouldn't have brought in someone unqualified. He also tells us how he's preparing for the marathon and his feelings about the elimination.

Mike's Biggest Loser Journey Slideshow

Courtney's Week 4 Recap - She's back with her take on this week's episode, which includes a cameo by her own mama, Marci! Don't miss Courtney's exclusive recap, and then weigh-in with your thoughts of last night's episode.

Join Biggest Loser Club, Win a Membership for a Friend - When you join Biggest Loser Club online this month you'll be eligible to win a 3-month membership for a friend or family member. Only one can win the prize, but everyone can have a chance to live the Biggest Loser lifestyle at home.

Biggest Loser Resort Inspires Sarah Nitta's Weight Loss Journey - Last season, Sarah's journey began at the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, and it continues there as she now calls the Utah location her employer. Hear how this place has been a major part of Sarah's transformation and how she sees it being the same for many others.

Dolvett Quince is in His Element on Biggest Loser - In our interview with Dolvett you'll hear first-hand how he's enjoying his experience on the show. In our video interview he also shares his personal fitness regimen, what his guilty pleasure is, and how he fights the "Jillian ghost" in the gym.

Biggest Loser Recipe - Adam Hurtado's Guacamole - Who didn't enjoy catching up with BL10's Adam Hurtado last night? He lives the lifestyle at home by enjoying delicious, healthy snacks like his personal guacamole recipe. It's great for dipping veggie sticks, replacing mayo, or even topping eggs.

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