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Issue #12.7 - Eliminated Week 7 Jessica Limpert

Jessica's Elimination Interview - Listen to our interview with Jessica as she talks about all the hot men in her life, namely Ramon and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jessica's Biggest Loser Journey Slideshow

Courtney's Week 7 Recap - This week Alison flipped the game on its head and Courtney explains all the ins, outs, and drama that resulted. Courtney couldn't be more excited about the slip-n-slide challenge. What did you think?

Biggest Loser Contestant Romances - In the show's 12 seasons there have been nine couples to find love on the ranch. The best part is that these relationships last! Can anyone name a dating show that has that kind of track record? Not at all. Learn all about these couples, from Matt & Suzy to the newest Jessica & Ramon.

Biggest Loser Recipe - Kalamata Olive Hummus - This recipe from Biggest Loser Resort has got to be one of the most perfect foods. High in protein with a reasonable 230 calories, it makes a great snack, sandwich spread, or can even be a meal in itself.

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