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Issue #12.8 - Eliminated Week 8 Joe Mitchell

Joe's Elimination Interview - Joe sings high praise for all of the Biggest Loser trainers, and explains why his separation from Bob was so trying. He also talks about how Chef Devin unexpectedly helped his family during a time of need.

Joe's Biggest Loser Journey Slideshow

Courtney's Week 8 Recap - Having been there herself, Courtney can recognize when everyone is having an off week. It also makes her qualified to call them out and encourage them to focus on what really matters. Get Courtney's take on this week's episode only at DIR!

Win a Biggest Loser Quick & Easy Cookbook - Chef Devin's newest Biggest Loser cookbook released yesterday, and is full of recipes you can make with few ingredients, little time, and maximum nutrition. Leave a comment on our review and we'll announce one winner in our newsletter next week to receive a copy of Quick & Easy.

Biggest Loser's 'Where Are They Now' Thanksgiving Special - Announced just today, the Biggest Loser family will come together on Thanksgiving eve to celebrate their successes since the show. You'll hear an update on Sam's progress, see a Thanksgiving meal prepared by Aida Mollenkamp, and a blooper reel.

Cheryl Forberg Announces Her Departure as Biggest Loser's Nutritionist - She's the behind-the-camera expert who co-wrote the Biggest Loser nutrition plan back in season one, and twelve seasons later she's leaving for the greener pastures of her Napa farm. Learn what's next for the Flavor First author.

Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels Reunite on The Doctors - Set your DVRs for November 17 when your favorite trainers join forces once again. Bob will lead Jillian and Dr. Travis Stork in a CrossFit competition.

6 New Pumpkin Recipes for Fall - The Biggest Loser Resort's Emily Fonnesbeck, RD shares new ideas for using pumpkin in your cooking, from yogurt to sandwiches.

Biggest Loser Recipe - Sausage Feta Pepper Bake - Start your morning with this simple and satisfying new creation from the Biggest Loser Quick & Easy cookbook. With turkey-spinach sausage, feta cheese, peppers and onions, and egg substitute you'll enjoy a 113-calorie breakfast.

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