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Week two at Biggest Loser proved to be eventful, and as expected, continue the week two weigh-in curse. Learn more about the people and products helping these contestants ensure next week posts even stronger numbers.


“I came to a fat loss show and gained three pounds. Would you be mad if you went to a makeover show and they made you uglier?” - L.T., after elimination

CRY of the WEEK

Watching Heba and Ed share their phone call home with red team's Phillip and Amy. Then watching all of them speak to their loved ones.


Host Ali Sweeney. After a disappointing weigh-in, calling out Coleen's father saying "is it hard not to feel like you let Coleen down?" Coleen immediately reminded that Ali might have crossed a line by saying her father could never let her down.

Biggest Loser Recipes

Future Heartthrob Turkey Tomato Soup

Future Heartthrob Turkey Tomato Soup

September is Tomato Month and it also marks the start of fall. So curl-up around this soup in between workouts.

Biggest Loser proves you don't have to give up comfort foods while you're slimming down. With recipes like this, your favorites can actually help provide the nutrition and protein needed to hit the gym, while enjoying a satisfying meal. 353 Calories, 5g Fat, 33g Protein


Biggest Loser Reviews

Interested in playing the home-version of Biggest Loser? It's easy with the many products and programs created by the show and its trainers. Get a first look with these reviews.



And You Said the Biggest Loser Will Be...

You cast your votes and decided who you thought will be named the season six Biggest Loser. Grey team was the unanimous choice, so the odds of winning just got a little better! Green team even snuck in some votes... with this show's history of twists it's not impossible! Now we wait for December 16. Thanks for participating!

Eliminated Week 2: Tom and L.T.

While you guys selected grey team as the ones to beat, the Biggest Loser household saw otherwise. We've got their first interview after elimination, in which they talk about creating a healthier life back at home (and in the cab), which one doesn't care for Jillian much, and how much weight they've lost since their "where are they now."

Hear the interview

Bernie's Episode Recap: Week 2

"Episode 2 proved to be action packed from the very beginning. Right off the bat we see Michelle from the Pink Team beginning to confront the issues that she is dealing with concerning her and her mother’s relationship. Next, we see Jerry from the Yellow Team starting to feel better, which is terrific and truly goes to show why the Biggest Loser is such an amazing show."

See the rest of Bernie's commentary.

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