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CRY of the WEEK

A big congratulations to Kristin for not only reaching the 100 pound milestone, but being the first woman in Biggest Loser history to do so on campus. We were definitely fighting back tears as we enjoyed that moment!


This season plays too nice for the drama-lovers! The contestants seemed to be on good behavior this week.


“My best is better than yours,” - Tara, after winning the car-dragging challenge.

Andrea's Turkey Wrap

Andrea's Turkey Wrap

Andrea Overstreet from Biggest Loser season two shares one of her favorite healthy recipes - turkey burgers without the bun. She uses crisp butter lettuce to create a wholesome wrap. 230 Calories, 3.5g Fat, 1g Fiber


Biggest Loser Reviews

Interested in playing the home-version of Biggest Loser? It's easy with the many products and programs created by the show and its trainers. Get a first look with these reviews.



Eliminated Week 12: Aubrey Cheney

Aubrey Cheney

After an admirable run, lasting 12 weeks in the competition, Aubrey Cheney was sent home having lost 58 pounds on campus. While she was thrilled to be back with her five children, she was frustrated with gaining weight at home. “Why can’t I grasp this at home?” she laments in our interview. Find out her key advice that saved her life, which trainer she prefers working with and her pick for this season's winner.

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Coleen's Week 12 Recap

"When the contestants meet up with Ali Sweeney in the gym, she breaks some news. The teams are going to individuals. Ali tells everyone that you are the only person who controls your future and that they’ll be selecting which trainer they want to train with for the rest of the game. When the teams meet back, Jillian finds out that Mike, Tara, Helen and Laura will all stay with her, while Kristin, Filipe, Sione, Ron and Aubrey will train with Bob."

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