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Laura Before and After
Eliminated Contestant Interview - Laura Denoux

Laura talks about the joy of shopping off the rack, how her relationship evolved with Jillian, and how it's possible to continue losing weight despite two injuries.

Coleen's Week 15 Recap - If you missed the show, Coleen's got the juicy details!

Biggest Loser Nicole's At-Home Weight Loss Story - Nicole tells People how she lost 87 pounds on her own.

Bonus Scene: A Night to Remember - The trainers and Alison join the contestants and their families for an emotional Hollywood-style awards ceremony.

Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt - Chef Rocco's creamy fix for a sweet tooth.

Quote of the Week - "I've walked past those dresses way too many times, and now I'm walking right into them." - Helen to Tim Gunn during the makeover

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