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Ron and Mike
Interview with Ron and Mike

The father and son team were forced into a precarious position, both under the yellow the line and their fate for finale rests in the hands of America. They talk with us about the marathon, Max's progress, and what they learned at the ranch.

Vote for Ron or Mike to be a Finalist

Coleen's Week 18 Recap — Coleen's hitting the highlights from the last week on the ranch. Plus, she wants to hear your questions before she heads to the live finale!

Meet the Final Four:
Tara Costa
Helen Phillips
Ron Morelli
Mike Morelli

Biggest Loser 7's Amazing Journey — See the Biggest Loser finalists transform in seconds.

4 Tips for Charity Walks — Coleen's offering some tips to keep you fit and comfortable, and she's joined by a few familiar faces!

Tara's Turkey Mini Meatloaf — It's the recipe Tara prepared for her mom during the last regular episode of Biggest Loser.

Quote of the Week - "Fat people don't run marathons," said Mike, before completing a marathon as a thin guy.

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