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CRY of the WEEK

Call us romantics, but the way Phil surprised Amy in the place he proposed, with a new diamond ring and a vow renewal ceremony had us mopping up tears! Happy 25th to the Parhams!


Blue team. No excuse for ambushing Phil during the black team's dinner. That's a conversation better had in privacy.


“That wife, she's Shakespearean!” Bob regarding Vicky's constant game play.

Biggest Loser Recipes

Pumpkin Walnut Snack Muffins

Pumpkin Walnut Snack Muffins

Tiny muffins that make the perfect bite-sized fix for a sweet tooth, or a fall breakfast. These are packed with wholesome nutrients, as pumpkin and walnuts are on the list of 14 Super Foods. 72 Calories, 2g Fat, 3g Protein


Biggest Loser Reviews

Interested in playing the home-version of Biggest Loser? It's easy with the many products and programs created by the show and its trainers. Get a first look with these reviews.



Week 7 Elimination: Phillip Parham

Phillip says he was both relieved to go home to wife Amy, and disappointed to be leaving the Biggest Loser ranch. His elimination meant joining his wife on their 25th wedding anniversary- a feat as admirable as the more than 100 pounds he's lost. And yes, we asked him about that famous conversation with Brady.

Hear the interview with Phillip

Bernie's Episode Recap: Week 7

"Let me just start off by saying, 'Good for Bob!' He pulled his team aside, mainly Vicky and Brady, and asked if there was game play involved in Brady’s 2 lbs. weight loss last week. They concluded that his weight loss was attributed to Brady not eating as often as he should; not sure I’m sold on that conclusion, but oh well."

Watch Bernie's Commentary.

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