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Interview with Dina Mercado Interview with Dina Mercado - Dina tells us how she overcomes food temptations, as well as what the experience was like to complete two marathons since leaving the ranch.

Slideshow: Dina Mercado's Biggest Loser Journey - See Dina's transformation on Biggest Loser in our photo slideshow.

Mike's Week 6 Recap - Mike talks about the difficulty of going home and how the gym can still be intimidating even for him.

Biggest Loser Recipe: Turkey Corn Tacos with Fresh Salsa and Beans - Chef Curtis Stone offers a lighter, more flavorful alternative to traditional greasy tacos.

Jillian Michaels Casting New Show "Losing It" - We spoke with Jillian to learn more about her solo reality show, in which she'll move in with families and help overhaul their lives.

Biggest Loser Simple Swaps Book Review - This new book from the Biggest Loser library offers 100 easy changes and ideas for creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Week 6 Brita / FilterForGood Winner: Maria Dresnin will receive a Brita pitcher and FilterForGood Nalgene bottle!

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