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Interview with Abby Rike Interview with Abby Rike - Abby's showing the world she's still here! Find out what's been keeping her motivated while at home, and what the future holds for her.

Slideshow: Abby Rike's Biggest Loser Journey - See Abby's transformation on Biggest Loser in our photo slideshow.

Mike's Week 7 Recap - Mike talks about how much he enjoys face-off week, as well as airs a few complaints with this season's contestants.

Bonus Scene: Dane Sabotages Rudy - Just before Rudy breaks Dane's 100-pound record, Dane makes this friendly competition more interesting.

Bonus Scene: Liz Confronts Daniel - Things get heated between players when Liz deems herself house mom and takes away the blenders.

Biggest Loser Wii Game - See our review of this exciting new Wii game that puts you in the center of the action on the ranch.

Biggest Loser Recipe: Mediterranean Style Burger with Caper Yogurt Sauce and Portobello - Get the turkey burger recipe prepared by Chef Curtis Stone on this week's show.

Week 7 Brita / FilterForGood Winner - Kathy Stevens will receive a Brita pitcher and FilterForGood Nalgene bottle!

Biggest Loser Season 8 Weight Chart

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