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Tracey's Elimination Interview Interview with Tracey Yukich - Hear Tracey tell us what her relationship is like with Bob and Jillian today, and what it was like to revisit that one-mile run. Plus learn how how she's losing the weight with four kids at home!

Slideshow: Tracey Yukich's Biggest Loser Journey - See Tracey's transformation on Biggest Loser in our photo slideshow.

Mike's Week 8 Recap - Mike defends Tracey and talks about the capital-inspired events of this week.

Video: Tracey on Jay Leno - She and Ross the Intern both try to squeeze in to a pair of her old jeans, after giving Jay some diet advice.

Video: Biggest Loser in Washington, D.C. - The contestants pull people off the street to workout with Bob and Jillian.

Video: Jillian Michaels Losing It Casting Call - Now is your chance to work with Jillian one-on-one as she moves in with, possibly, your family!

Biggest Loser Recipe: White House Salad - You won't need a presidential chef to prepare this simple, fresh garden salad in your home.

Washington, D.C. is America's Fittest City - In a 2009 report by Forbes, our nation's capital beat seemingly obvious choices like Seattle and Denver.

Week 8 Brita / FilterForGood Winner - Kathy Stevens will receive a Brita pitcher and FilterForGood Nalgene bottle!

Biggest Loser Season 8 Weight Chart

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