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Shay Sorrells and Daniel Wright Elimination Interview: Shay Sorrells and Daniel Wright - The eliminated teammates tell us about the challenges facing them on the ranch this season and how they're continuing to succeed at home. Plus, they tell us what it's like to be role models.

Slideshow: Shay's Biggest Loser Journey

Slideshow: Daniel's Biggest Loser Journey

Mike's Week 9 Recap - Watch Mike's reaction to this week's events, like the game play, and see if you can answer his plea to join the circus!

"Believe It, Be It" By Ali Vincent - The first female winner from season 5 has just released her book, titled after her personal mantra. She reveals her secrets to continuing to manage her weight and overcoming her emotional barriers.

Biggest Loser Recipe: Pumpkin Walnut Snack Muffins - The season is just right for whipping up a batch of these mini muffins for breakfast or an on-the-go snack. Totally guilt free at 72 calories each!

Biggest Loser Club Gift Cards - They've made it even easier to join the club!

Week 9 Brita / FilterForGood Winner - Janice Renfro will receive a Brita pitcher and FilterForGood Nalgene bottle!

Biggest Loser Season 8 Weight Chart

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