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Sam Poueu Sam Poueu Elimination Interview - Sam's kind-hearted, level-headed and motivating attitude over the past few weeks has won the hearts of not just one specific Biggest Loser contestant, but also millions of viewers across the country.

Sam Poueu Biggest Loser Journey Slideshow

Amanda's Week 16 Recap - It's finally Makeover Week on the Biggest Loser ranch! This is the week that every Biggest Loser contestant wants to make it to. Alison surprises the six remaining contestants with a $1,000 gift card to go shopping.

Erik Chopin Prepares for Biggest Loser Finale - Week 2 update

Biggest Loser Clothing Line?! - You’ve admired them in their weight loss journey through nine seasons. Now, you can be a little more like your favorite Biggest Loser contestants with the Biggest Loser clothing line.

Top 10 Ways to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight - From our Biggest Loser newsletter sponsors, Biggest Loser Resort, comes some simple but powerful tips to reaching and maintaining your goal weight.

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