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SunShine Hampton SunShine Hampton Elimination Interview - SunShine discusses how she navigates through the daily challenges of keeping the weight off while at home, and how her Biggest Loser family still continues to fuel her with support and motivation despite her elimination. Listen to our interview here.

SunShine Biggest Loser Journey Slideshow

Amanda's Week 17 Recap - With only five contestants left, tension on the Biggest Loser Ranch is already at an all-time high. Each contestant is fighting for a spot in the final four. As if the stress from the last week on campus isn’t enough, Alison tells the contestants that instead of the usual yellow line and deliberation, there will be a twist this week.

Losing It WIth Jillian - The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels gave us a sneak peek into what her new reality series, “Losing It With Jillian” is all about.

Erik Chopin Prepares for Biggest Loser Finale at Biggest Loser Resort - The season three winner famously gained the weight back, and will weigh-in once again at the season nine finale. Check out his 3rd week video update.

Greek Yogurt Parfait - Biggest Loser Resort’s Executive Chef Cameron Payne shares a tasty and healthy recipe a Greek Yogurt Parfait that you can make at home

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