Start your day off right…eat breakfast!

Breakfast, that word says it all… you are breaking the fast.  You wake up and it’s been 7-9 hours (or longer) since you have eaten a meal.  Why is breakfast so important?  Well your brain runs on glucose for energy which allows you to function and do your normal daily routine.  If you skip breakfast and don’t eat until lunch, you are going way too long and putting unnecessary strain on your body.

Since there is no glucose for energy, your body is working extra hard using stored glucose or breaking down protein or fat into a useable form for energy.  Your body is doing all this hard work while you are trying to perform 100% at work or school.  That’s a lot to ask!  Eating breakfast has been proven to improve mood, memory, concentration, and mental performance.  You and your children are at a disadvantage if you skip out of breakfast.

breakfastEating breakfast also helps with weight loss and weight maintenance.  By eating regularly you are providing brain fuel and energy, jump starting your metabolism, and you can sensibly and reasonably think about your meals because you aren’t starving and trying to devour the first thing you can get your hand on.

A common excuse for not eating breakfast is “not having enough time.”  There are ways to get around this excuse:

  • Wake up 10 minutes earlier
  • Have plenty of healthy breakfast options around the house
  • Prep the night before.  Try to prepare as much as you can the night before (pre-cut fruit, pre-bag cereal, etc.)
  • Have easy to grab and go options (yogurt, mini box cereals, fruit, granola, etc), but taking caution to avoid pastries, sweetened cereal bars, and toaster strudels.

Another excuse is “I’m not hungry.”  Ways to overcome this are:

  • Take your grab and go options with you and eat them in the car or once you get to work/school
  • Wake up earlier and get moving earlier
  • Make it a habit… wake up and eat.  In doing so you’ll train yourself and get into a routine.  Soon you will be waking up and won’t want to wait to eat.

Be creative with your breakfast and include your entire family!  Incorporating the kids in making breakfast is another great opportunity to enjoy some time together and provide education on eating healthy.

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Try this delicious and nourishing breakfast home-made cereal:

1 cup blueberries
1/4 cup goji berries, soaked
2 tbsp shredded coconut
1/4 handful of chopped almond
1 cup rice or nut milk

Absolutely awesome! And there’s no dairy, wheat, or refined sugars!

Kinsey says:

Sounds good Yuri!

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