Diets Reviews

Heart Healthy Diet Review

 What is it? Heart Healthy Diet is a general diet that emphasizes improving cardiovascular health. While it’s not targeted for weight loss, it does advise for users to lose weight as this also helps to protect the heart. The diet … Continue reading

FatSecret Diet Review

 What is it? FatSecret is an online resource offering tools and support to help people achieve weight loss. It provides apps so users can determine how their exercise and diet regimen is going. The intention is to keep people accountable … Continue reading

The Whole 30 Diet Review

 What is it? The Whole 30 Diet is a weight loss diet that recommends eating whole foods and avoiding certain foods for 30 days. There are also specific recommendations on what not to do, such as not stepping on a … Continue reading

The Flex Belt Diet Review

 What is it? The Flex Belt Diet is an FDA approved belt worn around the abdominals to help firm and tone muscles.  The claim is that it can provide toning with half hour sessions daily that allow for regular movement. … Continue reading

Whole Body Research Review

 What is it? Whole Body Research is a brand claiming to offer 100% natural ingredients in their wellness formulas. This includes a lineup of pills such as digestive aids, probiotics, fatty acids, and weight loss supplements. Each brand is made … Continue reading

Fasting Diet Review

 What is it? Fasting Diet is a weight loss approach that restricts either the amount or the day’s you’re allowed to eat. There’s no specific way to follow this diet, but it’s meant to promote weight loss through strict limits … Continue reading