Fasting Diet Review (UPDATED 2024): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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 What is it?

Fasting Diet is a weight loss approach that restricts either the amount or the day’s you’re allowed to eat. There’s no specific way to follow this diet, but it’s meant to promote weight loss through strict limits on food.

Some fasting techniques only allow you to eat for certain hours of the day, while others don’t allow any food for extended days. Typically these types of diets are advised to be only taken if one does not have medical conditions, or in people who don’t require a lot of energy through the day. In reviewing many kinds of diets our review experts found that the most effective is the 18Shake Diet. In it is an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake and a fat burning diet pill. Learn more about the 18Shake Diet by clicking on this link.

Fasting Diet Quality and Side Effects

Several different options for fasting are available such as:

  • 5:2 Rule: 5 days of the week allow for normal eating. For 2 days you cut around 25% of the amount of calories you regularly eat.

Typically women limit themselves to 500 calories, and men 600 calories.  To make sure you get the right kinds of calories it’s advised by proponents of this rule to eat lean, high protein foods such as low fat meats and eggs.

  • Intermittent Fasting: Slightly similar to the 5:2 rule, but not as specific. Different eating schedules are allowed each day.

This focuses less on the calories you eat, but the hours in which you eat. Some divide their days by 16 hours of non-eating, and 8 hours of eating, or a 16/8 split, 14/10/, 20/4, or any variation where less time is spend eating.

Tips often suggested are to finish dinner the night previously at an early time, which then allows you to spend most of your time fasting while asleep.

  • Extended Fast: This is the most extreme and often lasts for repeat days of fasting. People will only be able to drink unsweetened beverages. There’s a possibility for side effects such as headaches, nausea, irritability, low blood sugar, and more.

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One major concern about a Fasting Diet is that it’s not for everyone. People with active lifestyles may begin to feel groggy, fatigued, and irregular. Web MD has also added:

“If you’re fasting to lose weight, you may want to reconsider”

This is because it’s a possibility that any weight you end up losing will quickly return. A refeeding phase happens where the body compensates over the lost calories by binging. It may be hard to control and can contribute to a yo-yo effect on weight.

Web MD has also added:

“When you eat less than you need and you lose weight, your body goes into a starvation mode”

In this mode it leads to:

“your metabolism slowing down”

Therefore according to Web MD, your boy will naturally resist the urge to burn calories. In this effect it’s possible to not have any changes in weight, and instead only possible side effects such as:

  • Muscle cramping, blood sugar issues, and mood swings.
  • Extreme hunger, loss of energy, and fatigue.
  • Headaches, irritability, and muscle weakness.

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Fasting Diet Quality of Diet

The overall diet is hard to judge because everyone reacts to fasting differently, and there are different variations of this diet. Health organizations like Web MD have said that relying on fasting for weight loss is not advised, due to the possible side effects and likelihood of returning weight.

There’s also the risk of dips in blood sugar which can lead to uncomfortable sensations and mood swings.

Fasting has not been advised by Web MD who states:

“Your body needs vitamins, minerals other nutrients from food to stay healthy”

“too long can be life threatening”

Therefore there are many serious concerns one must pay attention to before deciding whether or not this diet would be safe for someone. Due to the likelihood of any weight lost returning, it’s not an effective weight loss solution.

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The Price and Quality of Fasting Diet

Since you’re not eating for extended periods, you don’t have to spend anything on this diet. There is a possibility for refeeding phases where one binge eats however. This can be costly to maintain if one finds it difficult to control their appetite.

The overall quality of the diet is poor however, due to the possibility for there being no change in weight. One may find they quickly regain any weight loss when they continue to eat normal.

Business of Fasting Diet

Most of the information on the Fasting Diet is available for free online. Only a few have tried to market their own specific version.

One such tool is the 5:2 method. This approach is marketed as a functional too for overall health and weight loss.

Certain guides also offer tips and suggestions on how to properly fast. As fasting can lead to complications, it’s important to ensure one is receiving real information that does not come from biased sources. For the list of the best weight loss diets, follow the link here.

Customer Opinions of Fasting Diet

Here are some reviews from those who have tried a Fasting Diet:

“After several weeks of cutting back on calories I had not lost any weight”

“Did not lose a single ounce and the diet did not make me feel better”

“Really had to keep up with it I could not find it a natural way to eat”

“Much too difficult to follow for any long term basis at all”

Some did enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about food, but there were also many issues having to do with the strict limitations. There were many who failed to lose any weight no matter how long they followed this diet.

A major concern was also that people who fasted for extended periods often experienced side effects. This included fatigue, mod swings, headaches, muscle cramps, low blood sugar, irritability, an inability to properly think, and other physical issues.

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How Does Fasting Diet Compare?
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Conclusion – Does Fasting Diet Work?

For some a Fasting Diet can be an easy way to forget about food. There’s no need for complicated menus. The issue is that fasting is not for everyone. Some would be unable to begin due to health concerns. Another major concern is that many of those who tried this diet failed to notice any weight loss change. This is because as Web MD has noted, metabolism tends to slow down.

Our review experts have found that the best weight loss solution is the 18Shake Diet. It offers a fat burning diet pill and an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake. Both have natural ingredients and are free of stimulants, binders, colors, preservatives, or any artificial additives.

Customers have given it rave reviews and provide testimonials and before and after photos showcasing their weight loss. Discover more about the 18Shake Diet by clicking this link.

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