The Cruise Control Diet Review (UPDATED 2024): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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The Cruise Control Diet is a weight loss diet emphasizing whole-foods and an occasional cheat day. Weight loss is intended to come fast, and they base it off of 4 basic rules.

The rules are not eating packaged processed foods, eating only natural foods which can assist in fat loss, being able to occasionally eat junk food, and instead of keeping a food log or counting calories; your hunger determines when you eat. This last rule in particular is what the website claims separates them from a standard weight loss plan. After analyzing many diet plans the one which was overall the best for weight loss results is the 18Shake Diet. The comprehensive support can make it easy to keep weight off and prevent the need for a yo-yo type of diet. The 18Shake Diet official website offers more details on how it can support weight loss results.


They mostly emphasize what shouldn’t be eaten, and in fact a video provided on the official website lists the “5 Foods to Never Eat for a Flat Stomach:

  • Orange juice due to its lack of fiber and high amount of sugar, which leads to an overload of sugar to the liver, this is then converted to fat.
  • Low fat or fat free yogurt which can be high in sugar.
  • Artificial sweeteners since they damage metabolism, causing the body to store fat.
  • Raisins since they are void of nutrients and high in sugar.
  • Whole wheat bread.

By avoiding these foods in particular they claim you won’t have to go from being fit to fat, and how your weight will be sustained. There are other foods you should avoid such as processed and prepackaged goods as well. The above 5 are more to give the official video provided a good starting point to understand how what is considered to be healthy actually isn’t.

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The importance of avoiding calorie counting is to prevent the inevitable stress, which results in even more fat retention.

Eating as much as you want is advised in particular is advised so your hormones don’t act up, causing your body to store fat in order to prevent starvation.  The most important rule that the diet emphasizes for weight loss is making sure to eat non-high sugar destabilizing foods, but still eating junk food occasionally.

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Regulating T4 and leptin, hormones which deal with hunger are said to be regulated when you follow this diet. By not increasing blood sugar too much you begin to burn fat as a fuel source.

The diet also emphasizes eating mostly whole foods which are natural and unprocessed, which are also hearty since you can eat bacon, meat, and other fattening foods.

The ability to eat the occasional junk food can be troubling however, especially since it may be hard to stop eating these foods. The lack of calorie counting can also cause those that follow the diet to lose track, constantly breaking their diet. There is simply too much freedom in this that may not be structured enough to ensure dieters can actually sustain weight loss.

It’s claimed that you can regulate cholesterol and support your overall health. Though this sounds very impressive, no evidence is provided to help determine if this has been studied.

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The total for shipping and handling as well as the one-time payment is $49.98.  Though they provide a long video which helps to explain some aspects of the diet, it feels very basic and it may not be enough for users to actually lose weight.

The ability to eat the occasional junk food and to eat as much as one need can result in overeating. The lack of rules can make it difficult to actually lose weight without losing control.

They also make it seen a kit more simple than it actually is, and they use common marketing ploy. For example, they say that 5 foods should be avoided for a flat stomach. While these are surprising foods for the most part, they also add how many other foods should be avoided, while contradicting themselves by claiming you can occasionally eat junk food.

It’s unclear how they expect dieters to determine what the proper amount of junk food should be. This major issue can cause overeating if not careful.

Their video says that the price this is sold for is a great deal for the amount of information provided, but no evidence is cited to prove this.

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The company name is Fisico, Inc. and their contact details are:

Phone Number: (617) 674-2024

Address: 630 Boston Road #204

Billerica, MA 01821

Email: Contact form is offered.

Their websites offers free tools such as a BMI calculator and body fat calculator. A member’s area is offered for even more weight loss support. A 60 ay money back return is offered as long as you return the book.

They have a Better Business Bureau listing with a complaint and a negative review. One issue was with the lack of a money back return, and another was also due to the lack of a money back guarantee.

The biggest issue with the official website is that though they have a long video to help market it and explain it, it’s limited in the amount of valuable information provided. They make vague claims and try to get a rise out of your emotions by making it seem as if the creator was desperate for a weight loss solution, which led him to this. The improvement of health and sustained weight loss are claimed, but they fail to cite evidence.

Much of what is offered is without any actual substance, you get a lot of great sending claims and all that is offered are studies which talk about the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet, and the importance of avoiding fructose since it can lead to metabolic disorders. This is all common information which is an accepted fact in the weight loss community.

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The following are some consumer reviews available online:

“Really makes sense but it’s a very basic kind of diet plan”

“About a few days in and it’s really easy and the simplest diet I’ve ever found”

“The book has a lot of errors in it and it costs too much for what is offered”

“What a rip off do not buy”

One consumer summarized it as being simple which is to eat whole foods with the occasional cheat day. That’s the basic idea behind this diet, and many said that they did not feel like it was worth the total cost.

Because it was so plain and basic consumers felt like it was not worth it, and that it isn’t very supportive. It basically tells one to avoid common foods which are known to cause weight gain such as syrup, refined grain, soda, artificial sweeteners and other foods. This common knowledge is known to be bad for weight loss, which is why consumers added that this is too basic.

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How Does The Cruise Control Diet Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Easy to follow
  • Cheap Price
  • Fast Results
  • The Cruise Control Diet
  • 28 /100

This is a very straightforward approach and judging from the reviews and the company video, they are accurate in stating what foods to avoid. Eating sugar, high glycemic foods, and processed foods which are not whole is a proven approach to sustained weight loss. The issue is that consumers widely agreed how it was not informative at all, and that they didn’t learn anything new. Many said they felt it was greatly overpriced, and that it was not worth the final cost. Because of this simple approach it is unlikely to help support lasting weight loss.

We looked at many diet plans and the one which most impressed us overall was the 18Shake Diet. It offers a very simple solution to lasting weight loss, which is offered by providing a fat burner, and low-calorie meal replacement shake with natural ingredients.

The simplicity of its effects is provided by making it easy to lose weight with the use of studied ingredients which offer an array of benefits. By judging user reviews we were able to see how many satisfied users lost weight and kept it off. More information on the 18Shake Diet plan is offered by clicking on the link provided here.

20 Responses to The Cruise Control Diet Review

Sharon Susie says:

Thank you for the information. I ordered the book and I regret that I didn’t rearsearch about the diet program before buying it. I am thinking about returning the book when it arrives. I will loose what I paid for my shipping. I worry now that the money back guarantee is a hoaks and I will find out. I am disappointed.

sue smithson says:

Can’t fool us with the LOOSE instead of lose.
please enroll in an English class.. PLEEEEEASE!

David Gamage says:

I was on pintrest and saw the video and it included the cookbook but I could not order in that site. I did order and it didn’t have it included is there a chance I could receive it

J.perma. says:

The cook book is in back of book.

Marilyn Kraft says:

I went on the cruise control diet and haven’t lost any weight I’ve been on it a month so that’s
pathetic. They have a 60 day guarantee but how do I claim it? I spent $149.97 for some of the extra crap they sent me. I really want my money back. I believe this is a total scam. How can I get money back? I bought all this over the phone and they kept telling me to buy extra things, I am 79 years old and suffer from I.B.S. this is an awful diet. Please help!

Robert Stefanski says:

If you go on a true Keto diet, you WILL lose weight and feel younger. I’ve lost 50 pounds so far and am off most my meds,, lost my skin tags, and age spots. But you need to follow it. And be dedicated. See RealPlans and subscribe to the Keto meals. Also see Dr Jocker’s website and Dr. Grundry (a cardiologist). It’s not the diet; it’s the ketogenic lifestyle that allows you to keep from being hypoglycemic and start losing weight.

Ruth Fowler says:

I agree with everyone about the cruise control diet. I also think it’s a scam! I read the whole book and I thought, all of this information is not only common sense, but no new information and I paid 49.95, for what?
To Marilyn Kraft: call your credit card company and put the amount in disput, until you get your money back. Don’t give up and good luck!

Anonymous says:

You need McDougall Starch Solution it’s a free program.

Kim says:

I understand fully. I did order over the phone as well and I now cannot find any information about the extra stuff on their website, anywhere. I want to know if the extra stuff is a scam to just get more money out of you. I tried the carb defender and saw no difference.

Birdie says:

I love the Cruise Control Diet. Yes it’s a lot of common sense. The diet compiles all the information in one place, some information you may already know, some information that may be new. The diet is explained in detailed, a 4th grader can understand. Easy to follow. If you do the steps as they are laid out, it is almost impossible NOT to lose weight. The only thing I do not like about it… the word “diet” in it’s name. “Diet”has a negative spin. It should be called Cruise Control Lifestyle Change.

TV JOEL says:

This guy James Ward talks to much. He continues to be repetitious during his sales pitch to win you over. He comes across like he’s concerned about you loosing weight and still being able to enjoy all your favorite junk foods. Don’t loose your $49.95. Instead see your doctor & a dietician so you eat only the right foods for nutrition and foods which will keep you towards your goals. Remember no book or pill will help you loose weight. It’s exercise and portion control that will only take you to your comfortable weight for your body.

Greg Marshall says:

The program is solid and will definitely work if followed. I found them to be deceptive and very aggressive in their marketing. After watching their extremely long video and trying to order the $39 book the site acts like your order can not be processed as is and pushes a bunch of extra (and expensive garbage) on you. I find the very shady and
Pushy with their marketing. This made for a very negative beginning to a program that works and I was originally excited about.

Julie says:

My husband and I have been on The cruise control diet for 5-6 wks now. It’s so amazing. If you stick to the plan it does work. My husband has Lost a total of 15lbs in our first five weeks and he keeps dropping. Course he is is much heavier than I am. I myself have lost 10 lbs in the first wk. then I gained a few back and now my body is stabilizing and I’m not losing anymore. Course I don’t have a lot to lose but I’m Really frustrated as to why I’m not losing anymore (cuz I want to) and my husband is. Does anyone have an answer? Overall it’s amazing

Ann says:

Who is James Ward? Why did he name his diet the same name as Jorge Cruise’s diet?

Tom says:

Lots of people are only semi-informed about the physiology of weight loss, particularly the effects of fasting and intermittent fasting and the need to stop eating sugar AND the other refined/starchy carbs like flour, potatoes, rice and PASTA. You can’t just rename things and violate these rules to sell books. For your IBS, you should eat only meat and eggs for a month. You should see results and it doesn’t cost anything (meaning incorrect books like Cruise Control).

Susan Huff says:

I bought the cruise control audio book, he keeps saying how in the PDF. You’ll find shopping list, recipes and other information, but you are unable to download the pdf, no good without that, ripoff don’t buy the audiobook

Cathy L Raymer says:

I ordered this book using my credit card. As of today I still have not received anything. I either need the book shipped or a refund on my credit card. Thanks.

Matthew J Sereby says:

this diet is an absolute scam. I look through the whole book found a bunch of worthless recipes. they couldn’t even bother to print the pictures in color. packed it up immediately for return. unfortunately it got to them late and they refused my return.the worst part of it is it is your typical scam in that every day he send you an email with some other crap to buy. claiming a certain bread will help you and then there’s a $17 charge to get a recipe. follow that up with his political support for Donald Trump and his disdain for Hillary Clinton. I don’t know what either of those things have to do with a diet program and I certainly don’t care to hear his opinion but being that he is a supporter of Donald Trump I can understand his company being less than legitimate

Joan says:

I liked it very much. The recipes were good and the no nonsense approach was what I needed. Unfortunately I lent out the book and can’t remember who I lent it to. I will buy it again.

Daniel Cottam says:

I’very lost 105 lbs by not eating carbs. I was inspired by
Jsmes Ward’s book. I don’t use the recipes, just the idea. No bread, no beer, no flour, no sugar, no potatoes, no sweet potatoes. I eat meat, and salads. Marie’s blue cheese dressing has one gram of carbs per serving. If you limit carbs to 6 grams a day you will lose weight.

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