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The Shepherd’s Diet is a 7-step approach weight loss plan used to improve the immune system and metabolism. They specifically have made it as a bible integrated diet plan that seeks scripture as guidance for overall health.

Different guidebooks are offered based off of 100 pages of notes including what to avoid, what to take for fat burning, a fat loss protocol involving fasting, what foods to shop for, and stress reduction. By following these guidelines it is expected that energy will increase, appetite will be suppressed, metabolism will be enhanced, and stubborn fat will melt off. Our highest rated weight loss diet plan is the 18Shake Diet. We’ve given it high praise because of its well-rounded weight loss results seen in users, and its approach in offering comprehensive support. Read up on the specifics of the 18Shake Diet by examining it further here.

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Each purchase offers the following:

  • The Shepherd’s Diet main outline: The comprehensive guide which explains how certain facts are optimal for weight loss, and how important it is to avoid toxins and GMO’s. Specific fats are outlined which is said to be featured in the bible for an improved lifestyle.

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  • Fat Burning Nutrients Report: You’ll learn what nutrients are sorely lacking in the American diet, and what kinds of vitamins and minerals should be eaten. They also add how current farming methods have stripped foods of their nutrients, and why it’s so important to make sure you eat the right foods.
  • “The Moses Secret” Fat Loss Protocol: Time controlled fasting is advised not only for improved immunity and weight loss, but also for spiritual growth. The specific fasting protocol offered is intended to be the best, pain-free approach to limit the amount of potential side effects that can result.
  • The What Would Jesus Eat Grocery Field Guide: A full breakdown of what kinds of foods to shop for and what is best avoided, such as foods in the deli and meat isle. Outlined are also cost-efficient foods which can save you money.
  • Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide: By introducing prayer you can reduce stress and prevent unwanted metabolic changes. You’ll be in contact into what is said to be a “higher state”, so your outlook can remain positive and you’ll be calmer.

No information is provided upfront on what specific kinds of ingredients are used, but it does seem to emphasize healthy fats, unprocessed foods, and non GMO foods. Some customers have said it is essentially a ketogenic diet, which emphasizes limit carbohydrates with a majority of macronutrients coming from fat.

There is also no information about the total amount of calories allowed. Without this valuable information it’s unclear if it’s based off of a simple 2,000 calorie a day diet as many diet plans are. No information is provided either to help determine how long the fasting is maintained for, whether it is for more than a 24 hour period or not.

Fasting of any kind should be exercised with caution, especially for those with pre-existing health conditions as it can potentially lead to blood sugar related complications, or extreme fatigue.

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Home cooked meals are emphasized with an avoidance of certain kinds of processed foods. This is healthy but it’s also a very standard kind of diet plan. It uses a ketogenic approach to weight loss; therefore most of what you eat will be based off of fats.

It’s quite difficult to try and understand the main specifics of this diet since the official website is very general. From what has been expressed by the few consumer reviews, it appears to be a keto diet which has grown in popularity in recent memory. These kinds of diets can help contribute to weight loss, but research on its long-term effects has not been thoroughly studied.

Weight loss often comes as a result of the limited carbohydrates, since carbs can promote the retention of water, thereby causing an increase of water weight. By eating many carbohydrates the body can hold onto a lot of water, but this is not actual fat. It is possible to lose a lot of water weight from it but as mentioned previously, long-term studies are lacking.

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You get a lot of guidebooks and information to look over for what kinds of foods to eat, what to select at the grocery store, and recommendations for stress relief. It does not appear they do not offer recipes.

For the 6 guides you pay a total of $47. It is helpful that you get to understand in detail what nutrients to eat, and what kinds of foods are best. The anti-stress section is also very valuable as stress can lead to weight gain and a reduced quality of life.

Whether or not real weight loss can result and whether or not most of this information can be found online for free is not known. The specifics of this diet are lacking, so it’s difficult to determine for certain if the information is valuable, for this we look at consumer reviews in the “Customer Opinions of The Shepherd’s Diet” section.

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Judging from their official website it appears they also go by the same company name as this product.  They do have a “Contact Us” section but when you click on that section, you get a misdirection claim on the behalf of their website, not the web browser. This means that they are having technical issues on their end, and you also can’t contact them to learn more.

One notable customer review mentioned how though the official website states additional support is offered, the website had glitches and made it impossible to navigate.

Because of these long-standing issues it’s impossible to learn more about the company, and this includes information about their claimed 60 day money back return policy.

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Not many opinions are available online but here are the reviews we could find:

“You only get 3 days’ worth of meals… they provide a website but it does not work”

“Same basic thing as a ketogenic diet, save your cash the ideas are so simple”

“Really feel like this is the right diet plan for my needs”

“Insightful and makes for some good reading”

Overall the main reviews we could find were negative. The reoccurring issue customers had was that the information was so basic that it didn’t reveal anything which isn’t based off of the ketogenic diet, except it is repackaged for claimed spiritual insight.

One consumer said that there were only 3 days of meal plans, and that it was not enough to be considered a valuable diet plan. With so little to go on consumers felt like they had wasted their money.

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How Does The Shepherd’s Diet Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Easy to follow
  • Cheap Price
  • Fast Results
  • The Shepherd’s Diet
  • 35 /100

This basics of this diet is that it offers customers stress relief, information on what foods and nutrients to choose from, and it emphasizes a high fat diet, but from quality foods.   What’s lacking if the information about the company, forms of contact, and any reach science to back up any of the claims made. They do offer some testimonials, but there is in actual evidence to support the claims of an improved immune system or weight loss from any clinical studies. Few have used it judging from the available user opinions, and those that did mentioned how they felt it was a glorified version of a ketogenic style diet.

After analyzing several types of diets, the most impressive one our review team saw was the 18Shake Diet. It emphasizes taking all-natural supplements such as a fat burning weight loss pill and a meal replacement shake, both of which are natural and free of any cheap ingredients.

The creators of this diet also provided some impressive testimonials from customers who were able to experience improvements not just in weight loss, but also in overall health. After analyzing the ingredients we concluded it has potent, high dosage additives which can assist in appetite suppression, metabolism boosting, and stimulant free support. Review the 18Shake Diet to see if it suits your needs for weight loss coverage.

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