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SHAPE ReClaimed is a homeopathic weight loss supplement and overall lifestyle plan that emphasizes taking a liquid formula. It’s also advised to follow basic changes to your lifestyle such as drinking more fluids, keeping a food journal, and regulating stress levels.

Some other changes include eating 2 meals a day, following the different phases, and making sure to continue taking the supplement as directed. Recipes are also offered and in particular heavy protein rich meals with lots of meat are emphasized. The drops can only be purchased direct from the manufacturer through their distributors. We’ve looked at many diet plans and overall the 18Shake Diet was most impressive by far. It’s comprehensive and offers only natural ingredients and dedicated support. Linked here is the official 18Shake Diet plan where you can read more on what it can offer.

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Inside of the homeopathic formula are the following ingredients:

Ovine derived Placenta, Hypothalamus, and Pituitary Sodium Phosphate Sodium Chloride Potassium Phosphate Magnesium Phosphate
Calcium Carbonate/Carbonate of Lime Poison-Nut Graphite Club Moss Celandine
Wood Charcoal Sea Kelp Poke-Root Ubiquinone Vitex
Glycoprotein Complex Star of Bethlehem Mustard Oak  

Ovine derived Placenta, Hypothalamus, and Pituitary: Different parts of the brain and reproductive parts of sheep. Whenever taking extracts of vital organs of any animal it’s highly important that what is offered is thoroughly tested to ensure that it is free of any bacteria or pathogens. There is the potential for residue which can be extremely dangerous when consumed.

Death can even result if the extract is no sufficiently studied to be free of potential contaminants.

If they are tested then it may have vital nutrients which can nourish the body, but it’s unclear if this is still offered in its extracted liquid form.

Sodium Phosphate: This is the basic name for sodium salt and it is sued to provide texture, to emulsify, to provide an essential nutrient, and to help balance out acidity.

Calcium Carbonate/Carbonate of Lime: Extracted naturally from rocks, this provides calcium and can have antacid benefits. Excess amounts can be dangerous however.

Poison-Nut: The seeds of this plant contain rat poison though it is used for the treatment of impotence and anemia. Web MD considers this:


The reason being is that it can cause:

  • Difficulty breathing, liver failure and spasms.
  • Anxiety, dizziness’s and death.

Graphite: A mineral in rocks which is used most commonly in pencils. When ingested its advised to limit it as it can lead to respiratory issues and irritation.

Club Moss:  A plant that is most commonly used for memory formation, and which is commonly added to nootropics.

Celandine: Extracted from a plant that is most commonly used to support digestive health, as well as help with proper stomach bile flow.

Wood Charcoal: Used in BBQ’s as a fuel source, this can help trap in chemicals.  When ingested it’s intended to reduce gas, improve cholesterol, and prevent poisoning.

Web MD states that short-term use in low amounts is likely safe, potentially it can result in discolored stools.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake ffor better results.


A lot of the ingredients in this are used in other homeopathic blends for overall wellness support. Some have evidence to support their use, but ingredients such as Poison-Nut are best avoided as many health sites show that they can be very dangerous.

As far as the recipes their website offers many homemade foods which rely on only natural ingredients. This may take time to have to prep and cook all the foods, but it does offer a valuable guide so you can make wholesome foods.

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Each bottle lasts a total of 30 to 40 days, and there is no information on the official website as to the official cost. This is because you are expected to get a hold of it through one of the company’s practitioners, which is odd since this is not a prescription drug.

The company term and conditions does state that the prices can vary, but according to the consensus online, the cost per bottle is $60. You also are advised to buy a $10 booklet to help explain how to follow the lifestyle changes, and to learn about the best way to supplement with the formula.

The formula is very expensive for what is a homeopathic solution. They claim this offers a:

“TOTAL HEALTH RESTORATION… decades of research and clinical experience”

This sounds impressive but without evidence to support these claims there is no way to know for sure if what they claim is true. It’s also strange that they say clinical studies have been performed for a long period, yet none of them are published online. This does not make any sense, if the produced these studies then it would leave no doubt as to the weight loss benefits provided. Instead it makes it appear as if they are exaggerating or outright lying about what this solution can do.

Homeopathy is also widely considered a false science that is not to be trusted as it is not backed by legitimate science.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health mentions:

“There is little evidence to support homeopathy”

“could cause side effects and drug interaction”

“FDA does not evaluate… safety or effectiveness”

“inconstant with fundamental concepts or chemistry and physics”

All this goes to show that it is an unreliable practice, and that it may lead to some serious side effects.

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The company goes by the same name and their contact details are as follows:

Phone Number: (636)207-6600

Address: 510 Baxter Road Suite 8

Chesterfield, MO 63017

Since sales are only offered on the official website the company has made it their right for:

“Pricing is subject to change without notice”

There can be a sudden increase of price without due warning. Another issue is the lack of science to help back up any of the claims about both the diet and the drops. They do explain each ingredient but they do not add any trials or evidence of its safety and use.

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Few reviews are available but here are some user opinions found online:

“Don’t use this it’s just another weight loss scam”

“No evidence to help prove any of the claims made about this”

“The reason why they don’t sell it online is so they can keep check on their amount of negative reviews. Do not purchase”

“Not for me it just wasn’t good at all”

What’s very strange about the reviews online is that on some review sites you’ll find positive claims made by so called nutritionists and doctors. When you try and see their profile online you’ll come to find that they only left comments for this review, which is highly questionable and may be doctored or paid, off by the company.

Yet another issue is the fact that on some review sites there is nothing but extremely negative reviews, and the same likely fake positive reviews argue with those who saw no benefits.

Judging from the extreme disappointment it is likely that these negative opinions are the only real reviews.

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How Does SHAPE ReClaimed Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Easy to follow
  • Cheap Price
  • Fast Results
  • SHAPE ReClaimed
  • 35 /100

Judging from the consumer reviews and the basic ingredients, many of which are naturally found in foods and others which are not backed by any science, it’s impossible to know for certain if it can result in weight loss results. Most people had issue with the product, yet there are those who claimed they offer it to their patients and that they recommend use. Until there is some sort of evidence in the form of clinical trials, it’s impossible to know for certain what can result. Homeopathy is considered a pseudo-science and the company makes man health claims without evidence.

The 18Shake Diet was our pick as the best weight loss plan of the year. The reason was due to tis comprehensive support, great consumer reviews, and the use of many helpful natural ingredients. It helps users lose weight by assisting in appetite suppression, improving metabolism for fast calorie burning, the use of only natural ingredients, and its ability to help burn fat.

Consumers have left their own reviews to showcase just how effective it was at supporting both weight loss and sustained results. The company also provides a great outline of what can be expected, and how to properly follow the diet. Read more about the 18Shake Diet by examining their official website and testimonials.

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