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NutriMost is a weight loss diet offering supplements and personalized support so you know what to eat at home and at restaurants. They evaluate you individually to determine what recipes would be best for your own needs.

Coaches are also provided with 24/7 support as well as online tools. Two distinct plans are offered, one with additional resources and even more support such as a biometric analysis. In general the diet plan emphasizes taking supplements, making lifestyle changes, and restricting calories. We looked at many weight loss plans and the best one overall was the 18Shake Diet. This diet plan offers comprehensive support through the use of natural supplements.  More information about the 18Shake Diet including user testimonial are offered here.


Each diet plan is based off a tier system, so you get the best options for macronutrients like protein, and then 2nd and 3rd best offerings.

Supplements are also part of the plan and their official website fails to list the ingredients. Withholding this information is a major issue since you won’t know for certain before purchasing it what can be expected. Even if their supplements are al-natural, this does not mean that they’re likely safe and effective. Knowing the proper dosage strength is critical in order to determine for certain what the likely effects are.

The official website is far too vague to truly know what is to be expected. Unfortunately it’s also not known if it caters to those with allergies, medical issues, or concerns which may affect their food selection.

According to most the diet is fairly standard and is based off of a 500 calorie a day plan, but if it’s truly catered to consumers as the website claims, than this may vary.

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As outlined in the last section, the official website has zero information about the ingredients of their supplements, or exactly what kinds of foods are offered. They simply describe it as a diet which focuses on low calories and the option to eat out or cook food at home.

There’s also alarming concerns about the company practices which we have highlighted in the “Business of NutriMost” section.

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There’s no way to determine what the quality is like due to the lack of information on what foods are likely, what kind of specific ratio of macronutrients are emphasized, and what’s inside of their supplements.

What makes these even more alarming is the fact that their official website does not mention what the prices are. Since it is individualized it may mean this can vary widely, but still, it would have been helpful had they at least given a rough estimate of what the prices are. Customers had this to say about the cost:

“Be careful they put you on a steady diet of expensive pills and very little food”

“Yeah you’ll lose weight but you end up paying almost 2 thousand bucks and you only get 500 calories daily”

Due to all these major concerns it is likely that this will be a pricy diet plan. If what customers said is true, which is that you’re limited to 500 calories a day, then this will certainly lead to weight loss but it’s incredibly difficult to maintain.  Side effects can result from this low amount of calories such as:

  • Mood swings, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.
  • Headaches, blood sugar issues, and loss of vitamins and minerals.

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The company name is NutriMost Doctors, LLC and they offer an interactive map where the nearest locations are offered in the US. Once you type in your zip code you gain access to different locations including their address and phone number.

No contact information is offered for headquarters so potential customers can learn more before making the attempt to step into a location.

In 2024 the company settled a FTC lawsuit which alleged that people could lose between 20 to 40 pounds in around 40 days. This suit revealed that consumers paid around $1,895 for the plan, and apparently they were unable to leave negative reviews or commentary on the diet.

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The FTC found that the claimed testimonials were only for a few people who lost weight with this diet, and others lost weight without it. This resulted in a:

“$32 million judgment…. $2 million for consumer refunds”

It was unanimously voted on since it was clear that he company behind NutriMost lied about the potential weight loss results.

They also have a total of 3 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page:

“I would not recommend this to anybody. They’re only in it for the money and this is way overpriced”

“You have to keep paying more each time that you progress further in the diet”

“They claim 24/7 support is offered but when you contact outside of regular business hours there is no available support offered”

“This is not worth it it’s not at all supportive nor does the company give any real useful advice that you can’t already find online. Total rip-off this is far too pricy”

What’s alarming about this complaint is that some of them were made after the FTC lawsuit, so the company continues to mislead customers about the support offered by this diet.

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The following are some notable reviews we sourced online:

“Not backed by any credible science and all you get to work with is 500 calories. Did I mention that the servings of food are basically based off a standard diet plan? Yeah not worth it”

“Yeah I lost weight but I am starving all the time I hope this gets better”

“Lost a lot of weight from this and I am happy to say it worked for me”

“I’m so hoping I can keep it up but I’m not going to lie this is hard”

The consensuses are generally very negative. There’s been a lot of reoccurring issues including the price, the basic simplicity of the information presented, and the difficulty in sustaining it over time.

Because you are limited to such few calories, it’s not only difficult to maintain, but for some it made it difficult to enjoy a normal existence. Low energy and a loss of quality of life were a constant issue. Because customers were unable to nourish their bodies as they usually do, it made many feel miserable during the entire process.

You can lose a lot of weight if you only eat 500 calories, but this is difficult to maintain overtime, and it can lead to a yo-yo weight loss experience. It can be extremely challenging and unsustainable in the long-term, which makes it this more of a short-term diet and not a true lifestyle as the official website claims.

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How Does NutriMost Compare?
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  • Cheap Price
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  • NutriMost
  • 28 /100

The official website makes it very difficult to review this diet, since they do not give any idea of what kinds of foods are offered, how much it costs, what can be expected, and what types of additives are in their supplements. After looking at consumer reviews it’s clear that this is not only expensive, but difficult to manage as many consumers were limited to only 500 calories. The company has faced serious litigation by the FTC for acing clearly false claims about the possibility of weight loss offered by the program. Because of this recent settlement the company was forced to stop making false claims, and in looking at their official website it’s clear that they don’t offer much information because of their major lawsuit.

We chose the 18Shake Diet as our top pick for the top rated weight loss diet of the year. The basics of the diet are simple, you get a low calorie, high protein meal replacement shake alongside a fat burning supplement and easy to understand diet advice. This combination makes it easy to enjoy reliable changes in appetite, metabolism, and overall fat loss.

Customers saw noticeable improvements on the scale, and they said it was easy to follow and didn’t require any drastic lifestyle changes. The all-natural ingredients are also highly regarded in 3rd party studies for their ability to support lasting weight loss results. More information about the 18Shake Diet is offered and you can also review testimonials by clicking on this link.

3 Responses to NutriMost Review

M. L. Collins says:

The nutrimost weight loss program does not tell you the total impact of this diet. I paid more than $2000 and lost 24 pounds in approximately 6 months. I maintained that loss for less than 6 months and called to seek help or get my money back. Manager was hostile. The biggest issue which i would like to file a class action suit if there are others with my experience. You can not lose weight once you have gone thru this diet because it changes your molecular system. I have tried everything and keep getting larger. How do I get help with this company. Manager told me that I was not getting my money back. HELP!

Nancy Shelden says:

i had the same problem . the ower woud not even work with me

Katie Messick says:

This is a horrible program. Exact same as HCG diets down to steak and apple days!!! The only difference is HCG is so much cheaper!! I had the same experience as above. I lost weight kept it off for about 1 1/2 years. I can not lose now!! There is a reason so many doctors have left this franchise. The doctor I used stopped selling it and now uses something similar. There is nothing good I can say about NutriMost.

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