Zerona Fat Loss Laser Treatmen Review (UPDATED 2021): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Zerona Fat Loss Laser Treatment is a fat loss procedure using cold-laser techniques. You have to visit one of their centers and get multiple treatments in order for it to be safely administered.

They have published studies and the procedure is approved by the FDA for safety. FAT can be targeted from different problem areas like the thighs and buttocks, and the prices can vary widely depending on where you get treatment. No scars, burning, or any sort of rehabilitation is needed. The best diet plan we’ve seen this year is offered by the comprehensive solution known as the 18Shake Diet.

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Sessions are intended to last around 40 minutes, and it can be used on the:

  • Hips, thighs, arms, chest, waist, knees, ankles, back, and bra fat.

They recommend doing a minimum of 2 weeks with 3 sessions per each week.

The way it works is by delivering cold lasers which is intended to be without sensation when there is direct contact. A sense of lightness may occur when you finish treatment, but no pain is experienced during.

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The way it works is through the use of SEM and TEM:

SEM & TEM: Scanning electronic microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. This reduces adipose tissue or fatty tissue and it works within the membrane to help spread out the fat. By collapsing these fat cells it makes it easier for it to be burned.

Whether or not there will be less fat cells remains to be seen, since there hasn’t been much follow up studies performed. There have been claims that this fat is only moved, and that consumers who don’t change up their diets that all the lost fat will return.

This is especially true in what is known as a yo-yo diet. You can lose weight initially, but if you go back to your eating habits than the surplus of calories you get will convert into fat. So while this surgery may initially help reduce fat, if you continue eating as you do for maintenance which keeps the fat in the first place, you’re likely to make it all return.

Dieting is not something emphasized by this laser treatment but hypothetically even if it worked similar to liposuction, if bad eating habits are still continued then it’s inevitable that the lost fat will all return. This can be bad for the body as changes back and forth from different weight categories can potentially lead to metabolic issues.

For lasting weight loss results we recommend following one of the top rated diet plans that we’ve outlined in this list.

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This can help disperse fat cells but one thing to consider is that patients who have had this procedure will see a return of fat within about 2 weeks. Live found that:

“patients regained… 0.31 inches”

“researchers aren’t sure what caused… increase in volume”

They do say it might be due to swelling or an accumulation of new fat cells. You also have to have treatment within 3 days of the last treatment while working with this plan. Since the common admits that fat can return if you only have one procedure and fail to follow up again.

One major clinical study relied that this laser treatment helped 67 users with 2 weeks of team went lose about an inch off their waist.

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Pricing can vary by a wide margin depending on where you get treatment at, and how many sessions are needed for proper results. For 6 total treatment over 3 weeks which would be about around $1,700 to $3,000.  The official website does not mention price, but we averaged out the cost by looking at different user experiences.

There is also no guarantee that you will experience results, and the company does not offer refunds. You also have to ask for support from a physician to ensure that it would be a proper procedure for your needs.

Many published studies are offered on the official website which showcases how it can lead to less fat in problem areas. Whether or not this fat will be eliminated is another question however.

The only real guidelines to follow are to not have any caffeine or alcohol and to make sure to get sufficient water after each treatment.

One important factor that is not as emphasized is that in order for it to work, you have to do treatment 6 times every other day. This requires a lot of treatment then, which can be expensive and take up a lot of time.

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The company name is Erchonia Corporation and their contact details of their main offices are:

Phone Number: (877) 699-3766

Address: 650 Atlantis Rd.

Melbourne, FL 32904

Email: They only provide a contact form.

An interactive map is provided to help reveal where the nearest centers are within whatever miles you choose to look from. Locations are available all over the US, but most reside in heavily populated areas such as parts of California and different states in the East Coast.

They do admit that results can vary on the individual, and no guarantees are provided.

The corporation was the first of its kind to get approval from the FDA to start marketing this treatment. This does not mean that the FDA has approved it for is claimed use, only that it was seen as a relatively safe option.  There does not appear to be any issues in the company’s history in terms of shady practices.

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Experiences varied, here are some opinions we found online:

“Tried a few sessions and I hope it works but thus far it hasn’t done anything for me”

“Not really certain if it had an effect I make sure to exercise a lot and I make an effort to lose weight but y before and after photos aren’t much different”

“Skip it, so expensive and I had to drive fa to get m sessions done. I saw no benefits at all it’s not worth the price tag”

“I regained my confidence and got rid of my bad physique; my weight loss was noticeable no doubt”

One website offers a community here people can post reviews, and out of 161 consumers, there as an average of 65% approval. This means that slightly above half of those who tired it said it was worth doing. This is very low however, and often there wasn’t anything mentioned about its long-term effects. Typically people said that they were hopeful, but that they were uncertain whether or not it made a difference.

For the expensive price it would have been great had it provided noticeable improvements.

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How Does Zerona Fat Loss Laser Treatmen Compare?
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  • Zerona Fat Loss Laser Treatmen
  • 29 /100

This is likely to be a pain free procedure and it will likely at least move fat. It’s also quite pricy and request back to back sessions in order for there to be effects. Judging from the available studies, many users saw that their lost inches came back after a short period. Consumers often said that even immediately after the procedure it was difficult to determine for certain if they have had any weight loss success. The way the process works is by assisting the body in the liquefaction of fat cells, but this is into guaranteed by the company. They do admit that results can vary, and no money back return is offered either.

We rated the 18Shake Diet as being the most comprehensive weight loss diet plan of this year. This offers the simplicity of supplements and a diet shake which are natural and made with wholesome, well-established ingredients.  Users also said that they saw changes on the scale and in their overall physique.

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