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 What is it?

Heart Healthy Diet is a general diet that emphasizes improving cardiovascular health. While it’s not targeted for weight loss, it does advise for users to lose weight as this also helps to protect the heart.

The diet relies on restricting certain foods and adding in more nutritious options. There are many basic healthy eating principles outlined by this diet. This includes reducing calories, limiting and introducing certain kinds of fats, and avoiding processed foods. Our review experts have analyzed countless weight loss diets. They’ve found that the most effective overall is the 18Shake Diet. It’s made up of a fat burning diet pill and an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake. Learn more about the 18Shake Diet by clicking on the link here.

Heart Healthy Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

It’s greatly emphasized to begin eating foods such as:

  • Healthy fats: This includes fatty fish, and taking in Omega 3 fatty acids from things like fish oil. Also, 5 to 10% of calories should come from omega-6 fatty acids. This includes things like soybean, sunflower, sunflower, nuts, and seeds.

Omega 6 should be limited however, as in higher amounts it can lead to inflammation and heart complications. Therefore, it’s recommended to read food labels and to avoid added oils or certain kinds of nuts and plants.

  • High fiber foods: It should be from fruits, legumes, nuts, whole grains, vegetables, and lower calorie foods. Fiber can help satisfy hunger and it also helps improve bowel movements.
  • Eating dairy foods which are either lower in fat or non-fat. One can avoid dairy if they like, but if one is eating dairy it’s advised to limit the saturated fat.
  • Reduced intake of trans fatty acids: This is found in foods such as commercial baked foods and fast food. It’s advised to minimize to only 1% of total daily calories, though it’s preferred to avoid this completely. Trans fats have been proven to negatively impact heart health, and also increase the rate of heart attacks and related issues.

Follow the link cited to see a list of the highest rated weight loss diets.

  • Sodium limit: This includes a maximum of 1,500 milligrams per day. Limiting this is especially important for African-Americans and middle to late aged people. Sodium has been shown to increase the risk of hypertension and this can lead to heart damage.
  • Avoid sugary drinks: This includes soda and beverages who have added sweeteners. Sugar has no health benefit and it can increase weight as well as cause cardiovascular issues.
  • Exercise regularly. At least 30 minutes per day and preferably burning more than one eats to maintain weight.
  • Limiting alcohol. This includes 1 drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men. Though, it’s preferred to avoid alcohol if possible.

Since this does not target weight loss directly, it simply states that one should seek to lose weight. There’s no specific advice or tips provided on how to do this exactly. This is strange since while it’s highly advised to lose weight, very general nutrition information is added.

This requires a lot of effort on people’s part to research how to lose fat and maintain weight.

While the advice given can help with improving heart health, it fails to address a major issue in preventing obesity. Follow the link here to see a list featuring the highest rated weight loss diets.

Heart Healthy Diet Quality of Ingredients

This diet does offer great solutions for overall health. However since it’s not a weight loss diet it is unlikely to produce any reliable effects.

One still has to lose weight while on this diet, yet there’s a failure on mentioning exactly how one can achieve this. While this diet does make some healthy suggestions on what to eat, one still has to cut calories and find a way to lose weight. One can still overeat, and there is no recommendation on the amounts of calories one should be eating.

There’s also the issue of this diet offering basic, common sense advice on how to improve health. Provided in this link is a comprehensive list featuring the best weight loss diets.

The Price and Quality of Heart Healthy Diet

The overall price of this diet depends on exactly what kinds of foods one chooses. It emphasizes eating more fiber, vegetables legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, fatty acids, and other wholesome foods.

One will also have to cut back on processed foods such as baked goods, sweetened drinks, and fast food. This is all healthy advice one can use to help facilitate weight loss.

The issue is that one can still struggle with weight if one is not careful on the amount of calories one eats. The advice overall is very general and similar to other diets.

Business of Heart Healthy Diet

No one single source has claimed this diet. There’s only general but helpful advice provided by different websites. These sites do not focus on weight loss, but often provide nutritional and wellness advice.

While the information is backed by science, it’s general and not descriptive enough to secure weight loss results.

One website includes the respected University of Maryland Medical Center, and another resource is offered by Baylor Heart and Vascular Health Hospital. Both offer great advice, but in reading it there’s a lack of insight into how to achieve weight loss. Provided via this link is a list featuring the most effective weight loss diets.

Customer Opinions of Heart Healthy Diet

There’s a lack of customer reviews online, most likely due to the general nature of this diet. Without more information its unknown if anyone lost any weight while following this plan.

It’s impossible to determine the true quality of this diet without having some customer experiences. There’s also no information on how to structure this diet, which can make it difficult for people to learn how to start using this diet. Provided here is a comprehensive list of the top ranked weight loss diets.

How Does Heart Healthy Diet Compare?
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  • Heart Healthy Diet
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Conclusion – Does Heart Healthy Diet Work?

Whether or not this diet will work depends on the specific results one is looking for. If one is looking to make simple changes to their diet, then this will likely help. However, if the goal is true weight loss, this depends on whether or not one reduces calories. There’s no information provided from the few resources that mention this diet on how to specifically lose weight. They fail to mention the need for a caloric reduction in a specific amount. This can make it difficult to begin this diet.

Our review experts look at many kinds of weight loss diets. They’ve found that the most effective overall is the 18Shake Diet. It combines an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake for hours of satiety, and a fat burning diet pill. Both contain natural ingredients and are free of any stimulants, colors, preservatives, fillers, or any unnecessary artificial ingredients.

Users have also left glowing review sand before and after photos to showcase their weight loss results. Each ingredient is manufactured in a FDA approved, GMP certified facility. Discover more information about how the 18Shake Diet works by clicking on the link here.

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