Helping Others Can Help You Achieve Success

cyclistsIt seems obvious to many that finding a great trainer, mentor, or coach can put you on the right path to meet your fitness goals, but you may not have considered that being a mentor for someone else can also contribute to your personal success.

You do not have to be an expert to learn from your own experiences and share those lessons with others. Sometimes the best mentors are the ones who are more able to remember the difficulties of the journey. It is not important for you to have all the answers to help someone else; even Jillian Michaels has felt stuck when helping others.

When you share what you have learned with someone else, you solidify the lesson in your own mind. When you are teaching and helping, it can act as a reminder for yourself or help you see things in a new way.

When I was able to teach a stress management class, I benefited from every review of the lessons that I had written. You also tend to hold yourself to a higher standard when you lead others, even if there is no required accountability. The longer I write, the more I try to find a lesson in everything, something that I can share with you. I am teaching myself more as a result. Also, mentoring can allow you an opportunity to share what you have done well; brag on yourself and increase your self-esteem.

Who are you teaching, leading, helping, mentoring? Perhaps a family member or friend has expressed a desire to follow in your footsteps towards health and would welcome coaching or a few helpful hints. Are you giving your children a head start by teaching them what you are learning now? Maybe there is someone new to your exercise class who might appreciate help or a friendly face. You can always find a network online where you can support others and be supported.