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It is required by law that this organization disclose all affiliations between themselves and the manufacturers, distributors, and other businesses that are discussed in these reviews. This website is compliant with all Federal Trade Commission regulations and follows all of the following guidelines:

Our website is designed for commercial use and, as such, features advertising as a part of their webpage. Our organization is not paid for any of the reviews or opinions that appear on this website and invests only our own resources into the production of this content. In the event that the website has a link to a product or service, there is a possibility that we may receive a commission for any purchases made through these links.
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Our team examines the testimonials from past customers, news articles, and other organizations’ critical reviews in an attempt to understand and accurately portray the general consensus on a product’s overall perception. When possible we try to offer links to the original website so that users are able to find additional information such as customer testimonials, sales information, and any other details not covered in our reviews.

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It is important for us as a business to be transparent with you, the consumer, in regards to all affiliations between the person or persons reviewing the products and the brands that they are discussing. All opinions expressed on this website do not necessarily represent those of the owners of the products and services being reviewed. Contributions from website visitors are always appreciated.