DMCA Policy

Organizational Overview:

We are an online-based provider of information and resources about health and wellness products. We have a broad reach of clients that access our site, including consumers, healthcare professionals, and other members of the health care industry.

The mission of our company is to help connect consumers with the companies that provide the products and services that the consumer needs. Our reviews tend to cover information about specific topics and products, consumer guides, and recommendations that can be useful for the individual consumer.

When possible, we also provide information for online purchasing including pricing and availability information. This information is all displayed very clearly without any attempts to confuse or mislead the consumer.

Values and Principles for Online Materials

Graphic Images: All of the data contained in our graphics comes from authoritative sources. This data is thought to be accurate to the best of our knowledge, and our team will never alter data to make it fit a given visual need.

Photographic Images: All of the photographs that appear on this website are owned or legally licensed by our company and contributing graphic designers and photographers. All images are subject to international copyright laws and cannot be altered or manipulated in any way, including digitally.

Obscenity and Abusive Language: Our site does not use any obscene materials, epithets, or slurs, nor do we tolerate it from our contributors or customers.

Use of Original or Copyrighted Material: All of the stories and reviews posted on our website use original content only. We never attempt to steal material from other sites and represent it as our own.

If you are a copyright holder or their authorized representative and you believe that your intellectual property is being used in a way that infringes upon your rights, submit a written notice that is addressed to “Copyright Infringement.” Please include examples of all relevant instances of violation with a detailed description of the type of infringement taking place.

We respect intellectual property rights and do not intend to post anything that is a violation of those laws and rules. If, however, you misrepresent that content is yours or that infringement is taking place, then you will be held liable for all resultant court costs, attorney’s fees, and other damages.

DMCA Takedown Notice Policy: Copyright owners’ intellectual property is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Our team strives to remain in accordance with the DMCA at all times, however our legal team is responsible for handling all formal complaints related to any perceived violations of the act.

Abuse Related to DCMA Takedown requests: Given how common it has become for certain parties to abuse the takedown system, our company now uses the Indian government’s guidelines on appropriate usage. It has become far too easy for competing companies to have materials removed from the websites of others, and as such our team is forced to adopt the following policies:

1) We respect all intellectual copyrights and property rights. It is the policy of our organization to respond to all legitimate claims of infringement as defined by Indian legal standards, however we also respect the intellectual property laws and complaints of entities operating under different legal strictures and will make every reasonable attempt to respond to any complaints.

2) If you believe that a copyright that you are the owner or authorized executor of is being used in a way that violates Indian copyright laws, you must submit your formal notice of complaint in writing labeled “Attn: Copyright Infringement” that includes a detailed description of what you believe the violation to be.

If it is found that you have misrepresented yourself or your claim on the material in question, then you may be held accountable for any related court costs, attorney’s fees, and damages that the court awards. To those considering a DMCA notice for copyrighted material, be aware that content may fall under fair use guidelines, and that the DMCA is only relevant within the United States and not to any foreign entities, including those based in India.

Be aware that we will not necessarily be removing any content simply because a DMCA Takedown Notice has been issued, nor will any of our partners or hosting providers. We do not fall under the jurisdiction of the United States, and as such are not obligated to comply with these requests.

Please be advised that you will be liable for the court fees, attorney costs, and any damages that are found to have resulted from the filing of a DMCA Takedown Notice. If it is found that you do not control the copyrights in question, or that you have misrepresented yourself or your materials in any way, we will seek to collect those damages.

Abuses and threats of the DMCA Takedown Notice program are taken seriously. The DMCA was passed in order to protect fair use of intellectual material and the owners of the rights to that material, and it is our company’s intentions to respect those rulings.

Conflicts of Interest: Anyone who writes or publishes financial or business news is required to avoid all financial conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof. Because of this, all employees of this site are required to disclose any and all relationships with product manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers whenever they write about a company or their products and services. All material connections with such works are disclosed in a notation provided accompanying the content.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: Any and all disputes that arise from or regarding the use of this site, its Terms and Conditions, or the purchase of any goods or services through this site shall be governed by the laws of India, as will all policies and conflicts that arise with this organization.