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Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method Promises “Perfection”?

When I read what was being said about the new Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method: the Weight-Loss Kick-Start That Makes Perfection Possible, I couldn’t believe that someone would write and someone else would publish statements such as “defies genetics to tone, trim, and reshape the body”, “no chance for anything but terrific, fast results”, ” You can have a body more beautiful than you ever dreamed”, etc. I picked up the book from my local library to read it myself. I was surprised to read that she is from the Indianapolis-area, but shocked to hear, when I asked about her theories, that her reputation is not very positive in this area. Online I found that it is not only Hoosiers that are complaining and filing lawsuits. While it might not seem that naysayers and business mistakes matter to the effectiveness of Tracy’s “Method”, the irresponsible statements in this book make more sense to me after learning about her irresponsible decisions in the past.

I believe all of us can make improvements in our bodies with focused intention and hard work. I have also watched a friend work out for over an hour every day and never gain an ounce (he was trying to beef up). Along with thousands of others, I watched Jillian Michaels‘ frustration trying to help Brittney Aberle lose weight on the Biggest Loser’s fifth season. There are many factors that influence how our bodies work, why we gain and lose weight. I do believe the “Tracy Anderson Method” may be effective and even a great solution for some people. I am concerned, however, that promising perfection is both false advertising and irresponsible treatment of her readers.