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New Active Work Station Hits the Market

Since most of us no longer have to toil the fields or walk miles to anywhere we want to go on a daily basis, exercise is hard to fit in to our daily routines.

Most American jobs are done while sitting all day long. Most of us also get to and from those jobs by riding in some sort of vehicle. By the end of the day, many of us have barely moved our body at all. Obviously these truths are major factors in our weight epidemic. So, what can we do about it? One company has recently taken a stab at this issue.

A company called Rightangle has invented a new type of desk space called the LifeBalance Station. The station incorporates the beneficial concept of a standing workstation and it has paired it with an elliptical type attachment for an optional chair. The chair can slide back and forth allowing for standing or sitting at anytime. The chair resembles the top of a comfortable office chair while the foot rests are the pedals of the elliptical machine for exercise.