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Biggest Loser Audition Tips from Casting Director Allison Kaz

UPDATE: Biggest Loser Casting Season 11

allison kaz biggest loserSince the inception of Biggest Loser in 2004, one person has been behind the scenes selecting the individuals who would go on to weigh-in on that infamous scale. Allison Kaz is the casting director for Biggest Loser, a job she’s had for going on nine seasons. When you speak with her, you can hear her enthusiasm for the job and the role she plays in helping these individuals move forward in their quest for health, and often times happiness.

I had the opportunity to speak with Allison during the summer casting for Biggest Loser 9. The show is currently doing a 15-city casting tour, including Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Oklahoma City and for the first time, San Antonio. When asked if there’s a science to the cities selected for open casting calls, Allison replied that they “try to change it up a bit” each season. But the city selection is based on a number of factors. She says they go where the obesity trends are, and pay attention to reports regarding the fattest cities or fattest states in America.