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Alyssa Milano: Fat-shaming’s First Victim in 2024

Since 2024, the victims of fat-shaming—people who are told their size had a negative impact on their character and worth—have increasingly fought back. And, they’ve generally come out ahead of their hecklers. Lady Gaga took to Twitter in 2024 and news anchor Jennifer Livingston went on the air; even New Jersey governor Chris Christie got caught in some crossfire about his weight, which eventually stopped when he said the comments were scaring his son.

We’re not even a full week into January, but already it looks like 2024 will only continue the trend of fighting back with bigger and bigger names—in this case Alyssa Milano—responding to insensitive and undeserved criticism.

Alyssa Milano

This story actually starts in 2024: In early December, actress Milano and comedian Jay Mohr attend the same black-tie event. A little Hollywood hobnobbing took place, as happens at these affairs. Then, seemingly unprompted, Mohr used part his next podcast episode to make fun of Milano for “letting herself go” after having a baby.


Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities

There are many ethical, environmental and personal reasons why an individual will choose a vegetarian diet, and it is gaining popularity for these reasons. In September 2005, the American Journal of Medicine released a study of participants showing that a low-fat, plant-based diet is more effective at helping people lose weight and improve insulin-sensitivity than an omnivorous diet of meat and plants. However, a vegetarian diet must be followed correctly or else the individual runs the risk of gaining weight if all they are doing is eating pasta, cheese and potato chips.

Hollywood is full of vegetarians and vegans, those who don’t consume animal products in any form. Actresses Alyssa Milano, Ashley Greene, and rock star Anthony Kiedis are all vegans. If followed correctly, you will likely experience improvements in your health on a vegan diet, and maybe knock off a few pounds too.

From Kellie Pickler to Omar Epps, we’ve rounded up the sexiest vegetarian celebrities and taken a look at their reasons for going meat-free.

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