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5 Ways to Fit In Fitness This Summer

The summer brings about several wonderful things. Kids long for the summer because they don’t have to go to school, and parents can often look forward to summer vacations and spending more time together as a family. While you are running around trying to find activities for the kids to do this summer, it can be easy to lose track of your own fitness.

Many summers involve family travels and vacations, summer camp, sleepovers and swimming activities. With just a little creative thinking, you can continue to get your daily fitness activities in regardless of the number of summer activities you’re juggling. Just because the summer is here doesn’t mean you have to neglect your body and well being. Everyone can use the summer to become more fit and enjoy the extra sunlight. Try some of the following recommendations to fit in fitness during the hectic summer months when schedules can be a little crazy.


The Dieter’s Guide for Universal Studios

If you’re planning a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando this year, you’re probably looking forward to their Las Vegas-style shows and lightening-speed roller coasters. However, if you’re trying to diet while on vacation, you may have already compiled a list of things you can’t eat or drink, including those fruity Hawaiian drinks complete with a festive umbrella. Deciding what you can and can’t eat may pose a real challenge for vacationers looking to cut loose.

No worries. Before you fret about calorie counting or carb intake, read these simple tips on how to stay healthy while still enjoying your vacation at Universal Studios.


Have Fun at Disney World on a Diet

Hollywood & Vine restaurant; Image via DisneyWorld.com

When it comes to amusement parks, roller coasters and funnel cakes are common sites, but healthy low calorie food is not. Yet, mega-fun spot Disney World is a trailblazer leading the way in offering healthy fare to its millions of enthusiastic guests.

If you’re taking the kids to Disney World for a vacation, you don’t have to derail your diet like a malfunctioning roller coaster. In fact, the Florida park has plenty to offer both health-minded folks and the not-so health-minded kids. Here is a look at how to navigate your way through Disney World so that even if you blow your budget, you don’t have to blow your diet. (more…)

Enjoy Amusement Parks While On A Diet

Amusement parks offer endless enjoyment options for both adults and children, from crazy rides and roller coasters to games and fatty food options. Obviously, walking around all day burns calories and leaves you completely exhausted at the end of the day, but how can you resist the fatty temptations of the luxurious smells and big colorful food stands? Below are the five steps to sticking to your diet while enjoying family time at an amusement park near you.

Five Steps To Enjoying Amusement Parks On A Diet:

1.  Eat a rather large healthy breakfast before entering the park. I recommend eating a higher than normal carbohydrate breakfast to help you stay full longer and provide you with plenty of energy to be on your feet all day.


Tune In: Healthy Eating at Amusement Parks and the Ball Park on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in this Monday, May 17 to the Rachael Ray Show to learn how to eat healthy at the summertime events like amusement parks and the ballpark.

From corn dogs to soft pretzels, find out the healthiest treats to grab once you get off the roller-coaster. And while you’re spending a summer evening watching America’s favorite past-time, find out which snacks at the ballpark will hit a home run with your diet and which treats strike out.


Carnival Fun the Healthy Way

fair foodThis weekend was our church spring fest. It was billed as a food extravaganza, showcasing foods from across the world. There was Filipino, Greek, Italian, Hispanic and of course, all the typical festival food you could want. Cotton candy, snow cones, hambugers, hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, pretzels, ice cream cups – the list of food choices went on and on. Did you notice what was missing from that list?  That’s right – anything remotely healthy. When will the carnival vendors even learn, and offer fruit kabobs and a salad cup? (more…)