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The Myth of Targeting Your “Problem Area”

measuring tape around a stomachMost people have areas of their body they wish they could change. There are hundreds of workouts that promise to tone your tummy, trim your waist or tighten your butt. It’s certainly possible to build muscle in these areas, but an article from CNN points out that you may not be able to change the underlying shape of your body, even with significant weight loss.

“People come in with unrealistic expectations from magazines and spot-reducing,” says Gary Foster, director of Temple University’s Center for Obesity Research and Education. “That doesn’t happen. When you start to lose fat, it’s proportionate throughout your body, whether it’s your neck, waist, ankle circumference. You’ll come out smaller but have the same body shape.”

In other words, a person who is pear-shaped will remain a pear, and a person who is apple-shape will remain an apple. “Basically, when we lose weight, we lose weight all over in exactly the proportion that’s distributed throughout our body,” says Susan Fried, director of the Boston Obesity and Nutrition Research Center at the Boston University School of Medicine. CT scans, dexa scans and MRIs reveal that as a person loses weight, fat is reduced evenly around the body.


Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover Offers Custom Programming for Every Body Type

Who is Michael Thurmond and what is his Six Week Body Makeover all about? The self-proclaimed fat and nerdy kid who ate for emotional reasons grew up quickly to understand the importance of the proper mental state along with exercise and a healthy diet.

Turmond officially started his Six Week Body Makeover plan in San Francisco, California in 1980, so it’s been around for over 30 years.

Once you sign up for the program, your diet and exercise are based on your body type (endomorph, endo-meso, meso-endo and endo-ecto). According to Thurmond’s program, each body type gains and loses weight differently and have different metabolic rates. So, your eating and fitness program are custom fit to your personal needs.

In a quick video by Michael Thurmond on his website, he says his plan helps you lose weight by eating more and exercising less. However, there is a trend of complaints that say the diet is too restrictive. (more…)

Body Dilemma Diets on Dr. Oz

The Dr. Oz ShowTune into Dr. Oz on Friday, April 22nd to uncover the best diet for your body type. If you’ve tried to lose weight off a specific area, like your hips or stomach, but the weight doesn’t budge, you may be on the wrong diet for your shape. Dr. Oz argues that it’s not your fault if other plans have failed.

On Friday’s show, he will reveal the best tips to figure out the best plan for your body type and will share some great tools that you can use for free. Dr. Oz is launching his biggest weight-loss plan ever. Discover what to eat, when to work out, and make yourself accountable with some expert advice on this episode.

Check your local listings for exact show times.

What Your Apple or Pear Body Shape Means for Your Health

Have you ever noticed that people carry weight in different parts of their bodies? Some carry it around their hips, resembling the shape of a pear, while others carry it around the middle, looking more like an apple. For quite a few years, having the shape of an apple has proven to be more of a health risk than a pear, but researchers have been unclear as to why people carry weight in different areas. But new research from the University of Edinburgh is helping to shed light on why humans don’t all carry weight in the same areas — and how the new knowledge can be used to help fight obesity.

Scientists pinpointed a protein known as 11BetaHSD1 that seems to indicate body shape. According to the research that was published in the journal Diabetes, apple-shapes tend to have higher levels of the protein than pear-shapes do. The protein is known to raise levels of hormones that are linked to obesity and is associated with an over-reaction in the immune system that results in unnecessary inflammation that causes damage to healthy cells.


How to Dress for Your Body Type

clothes on hangersAs confident as any girl is, they inevitably will worry about how others perceive them physically. Dressing to flatter your body shape can be a complicated and overwhelming process that causes anxiety, and you don’t want that, because fashion is supposed to be fun and about self expression!

The first step is to identify your body type. How your curves connect your waist, hips and bust are defined in four general categories: apple, hourglass, pear, straight. Once you identify your shape you can use these helpful tips to ensure that you are dressing to your body shape, providing you knowledge and confidence to keep looking and feeling your best! This slideshow will take you through each body type and the clothes that will flatter it best.

View Dressing for Your Body Type Slideshow


Body Dilemma Diets on the Dr. Oz Show

Tune in this Monday, January 10 to the Dr. Oz Show to learn how to lose that body fat, whether you carry it in your belly, bum or all over.

On this episode, Dr. Oz will help you customize your own weight loss plan that is tailored to your body type. If you have tried every diet possible and have ended up losing weight and then gaining it back, this show is a must-see. No matter where your fat is, get rid of it once and for all! (more…)

Identify the Best Workout for Your Body Type

slender woman silhouetteI was messing around on the Internet the other day and came across this article that discussed the three female body types. The article talked about each specific body type and what kind of training is the best for each type. Again, this is just another opinion from a fitness enthusiast, but I am going to share the article with you.

Three basic body types and workout regimens:

Ectomorphic: Tall and lean body style with a high metabolic rate which makes it hard to gain either muscle or fat. If you fall into this body type, you should perform 20 minutes or so of cardiovascular training three times a week and weight training consisting of three sets of six to ten repetitions with a moderate to heavy weight three to five days a week. (more…)