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Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Food Scrutinized

sugar beets

Monsanto, the company behind the development of the growth hormone rBGH (more commonly known as Bovine Growth Hormone) is in the news again. The company has been referred to as the most hated corporation for unfair business practices and is currently the focus of a U.S. District Court Judge. A recent ruling directed that the USDA has to begin regulating the company’s genetically engineered sugar beets.

Monsanto originally developed rBGH and marketed it for years before selling it in 2020. They have insisted that the use of the hormone is perfectly safe. This, despite the reality that Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and all 27 nations of the European Union have outlawed its use due to studies that have shown that the use of rBGH has caused elevated markers of IGF-1 in milk. The burning questions is, are elevated levels of IGF-1 in milk unsafe? (more…)

Breyers New Smooth and Dreamy Ice Cream Bars

Even though we are in the last official month of summer, it’s still dreadfully hot outside. And if you’re like me, hot weather is the perfect excuse to eat ice cream.

So when Breyers came out with their new line of Smooth and Dreamy low-calorie and low-fat ice cream bars, I nearly cleaned out my entire freezer to make room for one box of each of these new delicious frozen food finds. (more…)