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Health Buzz June 22: Best Cities for Healthy Skin, 4 Ways to Skip Organic, and Summer Solstice Recipes

Before you clock out for the weekend, don’t forget to glance over some news from DIR and our friends. Besides the news we have the perfect recipes to kick off the first official weekend of summer!

News from DietsInReview.com this week

Portland is the Best City for Your Skin; Las Vegas is the Worst

Where you live can play a role in the health of your skin. Daily Glow just announced its 55 Best and Worst Cities for Your Skin, and you maybe surprised to see where your hometown ranks. Plus, Dr. Jessica Wu, dermatologist to the stars, talks to DIR and provides tips to keep our skin healthy.

Summer Food Bucket List

Being that this week is the official start of summer, we wanted to talk about the summertime foods we can’t get enough of. We talked to some of our favorite foodies – bloggers, health writes, and cookbook authors alike – to share their one summer food item they have to eat before September rolls in.

Dr. Oz’s 2-Day Detox Diet in PEOPLE is More Proof He’s Sold Out

PEOPLE magazine awarded Dr. Oz with the title of Healthiest Man Alive. The story also provides readers with Dr. Oz’s 2-Day Detox Diet. Do the two contradict one another? We think so. (more…)

Summer Food Bucket List

One of the best parts about being a foodie is getting to experience all of the unique foods each season brings. Winter provides lots of warm, hearty chilis and baked potatoes. Fall, plenty of apples, pumpkin pie and cinnamon-spiced baked goods. Spring, a plethora of delicious, light salads and Easter treats. And summer, perhaps some of the most memorable and delicious foods of all: ice cream, fresh fruit, rhubarb pie, hamburgers and grilled corn – the list is seemingly endless.

Being that today is the official first day of summer, we found it appropriate to think on those summertime foods we can’t get enough of once the heat starts to swell. And so, we called on some of our favorite foodies – bloggers, health writers and cookbook authors alike – to tell us what their one summer food item was that they simply couldn’t go without having before cool weather hits. And the result? A diverse collection of some of the tastest summertime treats we’ve ever seen.