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Save Calories on Your Favorite Holiday Flavored Coffee

It’s the ultimate time of year for indulgence and coffee chains are jumping on the holiday spirit bandwagon by introducing festive beverages that might satisfy your sweet tooth, but also pack plenty of fat and calories by adding heavy cream, milk and extra sugar.

If you don’t want to look like Santa Claus come the end of the year, the coffee shop is a simple place to make smarter choices.

“For every high-calorie drink you forego in December, it’s an hour on the treadmill you won’t spend in January,” editor-in-chief of Men’s Health and author of the best-selling “Eat This, Not That!” series David Zinczenko told the New York Post. “If you cut out caloric drinks, you can pretty much eat whatever you want this year.”


Feng Shui hits McDonald’s

First non-fat cappuccinos and now feng shui. At a McDonald’s in Hacienda Heights, California, leather seats, bamboo plants and trickling water fountains have taken the place of the usual plastic booths, tables and swivel chairs in an effort to create a soothing setting so that diners will enjoy their food more, linger and come back again. This is part of a plan created by the McDonald’s Corporation to attract more customers and target a variety of audiences. And apparently it’s working. Small survey studies done at this McDonald’s indicates that the results are positive with customers feeling more relaxed and happier. It’s an interesting and creative endeavor on McDonald’s part, but I can’t help but wonder if this move in design will last and if it will force a change in menu such as the addition of herbal teas alongside its new coffee bar and traditional fountain drinks?