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Data on Facebook’s Fittest Cities Ranking Does Not Add Up

Facebook has released a colorful graph ranking the fittest cities in the country via their Facebook Stories app. Other categories in the infographic include official sounding titles like “Dancing City,” “Swimming City,” “Marathon City,” and “Yoga City.” The graphic contains some sweet clip art and most of the cities make sense; Austin is definitely full of Yogis, OKC just collectively lost one million pounds so they must be fit, and Portland is a utopia populated by trendy entrepreneurs so they’re on the list by default.

facebook fittest cities

In the release, Facebook’s Mandy Zibart said, “Ranking of the fittest cities is based on fitness-related mentions, check-ins and use of fitness apps over a period of three months in U.S. cities with at least 200,000 Facebook users.” We think it’s a lot of talk though. Some of the cities included in the graph must have been giving themselves too much credit when they shared their activities, as some of the data is contradictory with other, more fact-based studies.

Facebook claims that El Paso and San Antonio, TX are among the 10 fittest cities in America. Earlier this year, Men’s Health listed both of those cities among the fattest in the nation, citing obesity and lack of physical activity among the population, and the prevalence of fast food joints in the area. (more…)

New Chick-Fil-A Grilled Nuggets Kid’s Meal Boasts 60 Percent Fewer Calories

We’ve all been there – the kids are in the backseat, everyone is hungry, and you’ve got to be at a soccer game in twenty minutes. You have no choice; you’ll have to stop at a fast food restaurant and pick up dinner. Your fast food options historically have left much to be desired, but one company has listened to consumers and is working to change that.

Today, Chick-Fil-A unveiled a revamped kid’s meal. Focused on their newest entree, grilled chicken nuggets, this kid’s meal clocks in with fewer calories and lower sodium levels. This new kid’s meal is predicted to be one of the most nutritious fast food kid’s meals in the country. Chick-Fil-A is already known for having some of the healthier food choices at a fast food restauran, but they are by no means a saintly choice, boasting some of the worst choices as well.

Compared to a typical hamburger fast food meal, the four count grilled nugget meal (with a fruit cup and a low fat milk) contains 60% less calories and an estimated 85% less fat. In addition to the fruit cup side offering, Chick-Fil-A is adding Buddy Fruits Pure Blended Fruit To Go Applesauce into the options.


11 Scary Unhealthy Fast Food Breakfasts

By Melissa Breyer for Care2.com

How would you like to meet your daily sodium and saturated fat allowance, as well as nearly half of your daily calorie needs, in one quick breakfast eaten on the road? It’s becoming progressively easy these day as food technicians, chefs and market researchers, holed away in corporate fast food “studios,” are busy developing monstrous new breakfast items. Trying to claim as much of the $57 billion fast food breakfast market as they can, the fast food giants are drumming up increasingly cheesy, steak-y, fried chicken-y breakfast dishes that tap into flavor combinations that have proven successful for lunch and dinner items. It’s no longer eggs and English muffins for fast food breakfast…breakfast burger anyone?

What’s most striking about some of these high-calorie items–aside from the unsustainable, industrial, often GMO and synthetic ingredients–is the very high sodium and saturated fat content. According to the USDA, the current recommendation for sodium consumption is less than 2,300 milligrams a day. For saturated fat, the maximum allowance is between 18 grams to 31 grams, depending on your caloric intake needs. (You can calculate your caloric need with this calculator from the Mayo Clinic.) Many of these breakfast items meet or exceed the daily sodium and fat allowances, and provide much more than one-third of your daily caloric needs.


Chick-fil-A Provides a Gluten Free Menu

It’s finally becoming easier for those with gluten sensitivities and Celiac disease to eat with the rest of the world. More and more products are clearly labeling if they’re gluten-free and many restaurants are offering a gluten-free menu. Add to that growing list the popular chicken sandwich chain, Chick-fil-A.

The Chick-fil-A website has provided a gluten-free menu listing all the menu options that are acceptable for those on a gluten-free diet.
Many of the entree choices are limited as many of the menu items are based around sandwiches on wheat buns and chicken breaded with wheat flour. However, Chick-fil-A has taken the extra steps and listed all the sauces and dressing that are safe for a gluten-free diet. Many restaurants do not go to this extent and consumers may end up eating gluten and not know it.

Some of the items on the gluten-free menu include the chargrilled chicken filet (no bun), the chargrilled chicken garden salad, and the chargrilled chicken and fruit salad. A few signature sides such as the cole slaw, carrot and raisin salad, and the waffle potato fries are on the menu as well. These additions to the gluten-free menu are much wider than most fast food chains, and the fact that they can offer fries indicates that they have taken the care to have a dedicated fryer that is not also used for breaded chicken products.


Worst Menu Items at Chick-Fil-A

Guest article provided by FoodFacts.com

At FoodFacts.com, we like to keep our followers up-to-date with current trends, research, and events. During the month of July, one of the holidays is National Fried Chicken Day. Although we aren’t so sure how it was originated, we do know that many people choose to celebrate this day, especially with the immense patriotism still lurking from Independence Day.

We too would like to celebrate this holiday, but in a more health-conscious manner. You see, fried chicken can be very high in trans-fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Therefore, we would like to take the time to reveal some products you may want to learn more about, prior to indulging. We have decided to feature the very popular chicken-based franchise, Chick-Fil-A. (more…)

Healthiest Meal Choices at Chick-fil-A

I know a lot of people who darn near worship Chick-fil-A. While most of their following is because of their delicious fried chicken sandwiches and seasoned waffle fries, I’ve always thought that the chain had some of the freshest salads of any fast-food chain, and the chargrilled chicken sandwiches are always pretty tasty. Flavor and freshness aside, does Chick-fil-A really have healthy options? And if so, what are they? We recently took a look at the menu to see if its meals met our registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield’s healthy guidelines of having less than 500 calories and less than 500 milligrams of sodium, according to the the new daily sodium recommendations. The options below are what met our criteria — we wish there were more!