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HealthBuzz November 30: Obesity Prediction Calculator, AIDS Blueprint, and 3 New Chicken Dinner Recipes

We are hours away from the weekend! This means it is time for your dose of healthy news. DIR’s headliners for this week include a new obesity prediction calculator, the diet gimmicks Dr. Oz tried selling this year, and how much Sensa’s paying for false advertising. In addition to our headliners we have health news from Forbes, CNN Health, and Best Life Diet. Plus, exciting new chicken dinner recipes with one from Pinch of Yum.

Obesity Prediction Calculator Reinforces Parents’ Role in Child’s Weight

Are you scared your child might fall into the statistics of the obesity epidemic? Instead of waiting for time to answer that question you could simply use the Obesity Prediction Calculator, developed by researchers at Imperial College London and it can accurately predict childhood obesity up to 85% of the time. Parents should use the results from the Obesity Prediction Calculator to make it their responsibility to ensure that their child will learn to lead a healthful, balanced life.

The 6 Miracle Diets Dr. Oz Tried to Sell Us in 2024

We are almost a month away from the New Year. This means “weight loss” season will be in full effect. And, if you watch Dr. Oz, you know he will be advocating a new miracle weight loss program or diet soon after the ball drops. DIR has highlighted six weight-loss diets Dr.Oz has tried selling to the masses in 2024, deeming each as a miracle cure.

Sensa’s False Advertising Costs Them $800,000

Another diet company has to pay for their false advertising claims. Sensa, also as known as “the sprinkle diet,” has to pay $800,000 in penalties for their false weight loss claims. Sensa seemed too good to be true – sprinkle little crystals on your food and that will guarantee weight loss -because it was. We’re not buying it and neither are consumers in California. (more…)

Michelle Pfeiffer Goes Vegan

Going vegan isn’t just trendy anymore, it’s a practical diet choice for those seeking a longer, healthier life. Deemed ‘The Kind Diet‘ by actress Alicia Silverstone, vegans enjoy a diet free of animal meat and byproducts, including eggs, milk, butter and even honey.

Thanks to some big names joining the ranks as recent converts, including Bill Clinton, Madonna, Travis Barker and Carrie Underwood, the argument for vegan is becoming all the more convincing. And now another Hollywood leading lady has made the switch – 54-year-old actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer, best known for her early roles in Grease 2 and Scarface, announced her decision to go vegan during a recent interview on CNN with Sanjay Gupta. When asked what prompted her switch to an animal-free diet, Pfeiffer said it was initially inspired by Bill Clinton’s move to go vegan after his second heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery. (more…)

5 Habits That Lead to Diet Success

You try to eat healthy and lose weight but inevitably, end up falling short. Frustrated as to why? A recent article from CNN hopes to dig up some answers by examining the 5 habits of highly successful dieters.

In addition to the scientific evidence backing all of the article’s findings, I can personally attest to the success of these strategies as someone who has achieved a 20-lb. weight loss and maintained it for 5+ years now.

Of the habits listed in the article, I especially agreed with the last one which is all about willpower. I think you really have to want to be healthy to achieve it. You don’t just wake up one day a healthy person. You have to work for it and keep working for it every day, forging new and healthy habits. And although it’s hard work, the benefits are absolutely worth it.

Strategy # 1 – Be specific and set specific goals. If you want to lose weight, pick your goal weight and begin working toward that. If you want to run a 10K, get a running plan in place. Otherwise your goals remain out of reach. (more…)

Frozen Vegetable Recall Due to Glass Fragments Affects Kroger and Wal-Mart Store Brands

In more food recall news, this time frozen vegetables are being pulled from shelves and consumers are warned to review the items in their homes to return for refund. The voluntary recall by Pictsweet Co., reports CNN.com, was not prompted by any injury reports, only a preventative step. These frozen vegetables may have glass fragments in the packages.

Important Recall Details:

  • Store-brand frozen vegetables: Kroger brand and Great Value brand
  • Frozen vegetables sold in Kroger and Wal-Mart stores nationwide
  • May contain glass fragments
  • Return recalled packages to retailer for full refund

Recalled Products:

  • Kroger 12-ounce Green Peas (UPC 11110 89736). Production Codes of 1440BU, 1440BV, 1440BW, and 1600BD.
  • Kroger 12-ounce Peas and Carrots (UPC 11110 89741). Production Codes of 1960BD and 1960BE.
  • Great Value 12-ounce Steamable Sweet Peas (UPC 78742 08369). Best by dates of July 20, 2024; July 21, 2024.
  • Great Value 12-ounce Steamable Mixed Vegetables (UPC 78742 08026). Best by date of July 15, 2024. (more…)

Watch What You Drink, Not Just What You Eat

When we talk about diet, it’s almost always about solid foods. But don’t overlook what you drink. It’s a big mistake, as it impacts our weight a great deal. Here’s the report from CNN:


A Lunch Lady Fights the Good Fight

“We’re killing our kids with food.” Those are the powerful and shocking words from a former celebrity chef who is on a crusade to save our children. Read this inspiring story of one lady’s passion to change how kids eat in their schools. When you stop to think about the powerful corporations who have a vested interest in essentially poisoning our children’s health, it really is infuriating. Parents, it’s time to fight back.

Is It A Big Fat Lie?

According to a new survey, people are exercising more, but still not enough. The devil is in the details, though. The survey is based on what people say they are doing. So, then you have to deal with the psychology of people being surveyed. Do they tell the truth? Or do they prefer to stretch it a little.

“People with more education were more likely to say they got regular exercise,” says the article on CNN.com.

So, do well-educated people exercise more, or did all that higher education teach them to be a little “creative” with the truth? I hate to be cynical, but if people are exercising more than before, why are we still so out of shape as a nation?