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Get Your Run On: 6 Races to Add to Your Bucket List

So you want to run a race. Sure, there are probably a number of local runs in your home town, from a charity 5K fun run to full and half marathons. But if you’re going to put in the time to train to run a race, why not commit to running one to remember?  There are dozens of races held in fun and unexpected location and with themes that will make the whole experience even more fun, and unforgettable.

Our friends at Shape magazine have compiled lists of the best spring races and the best women’s races. Below is a sneak peak of our favorite 6. (Click the links to see the other 14!)



The Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: Men are technically allowed at this Florida event, which has a Tinkerbell-themed sister run at the southern California park, but it’s clear that women rule the road for this one. You can run a 5K, 10K, or half marathon; costumes are, of course, encouraged. (February 2022)


Bobsledding and Lolo Jones: Olympics 2022

If you are like me, you have seen Cool Runnings, the ’90s family film about Jamaican bobsledding, about a million times. If you are not like me, I am really sorry.

For the 2022 Olympics, we got some exciting news. Jamaican bobsledding is back in the games. It’s been twelve years since the nation qualified to participate, but the team pulled it together this year, exciting the world with nostalgia and joy. Seriously—this is an amazing feat.

As for the United States bobsledding team, we are excited to have both male and female teams competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics. There has been considerable focus on Lolo Jones, an already well known Olympic athlete who has joined the Olympic team this year.

lolo Jones
Lolo Jones, at right 


Yoga as an Olympic Sport May Jade the Practice as a Whole

New York is hosting the National Yoga Asana Championships sponsored by USA Yoga, an organization that wants to see yoga become an Olympic Sport. Rajashree Choudhury, cousin of the creator of Bikram Yoga and founder of the yoga pose competition, said the poses to be judged show “how someone can have perfect strength, balance, flexibility in the body.”

Aside from raising eyebrows as another unconventional “sport” pursuing induction into the Olympic games, the thought of performing yoga poses for competitive reasons is creating quite a stir among spiritual purists. Many believe the roots of yoga steer clear of the need to judge and the purpose of practicing is about acceptance, inclusion and non-dualism.

USA Yoga believes that an increased awareness of the sport on an Olympic level will encourage more people to want to practice yoga, and enable a larger population of people to be happier and healthier as a result. Not everyone agrees with this concept, however. Roseanne Harvey, a blog writer and avid yoga practitioner from Canada says that in most yoga classes, “what we’re trying to do is encourage students not to compete.”


Shedding for the Wedding Episode 1 Recap

The CW’s newest television show Shedding for the Wedding premiered on February 23, 2022 among rave reviews. The show follows nine engaged couples who are overweight and want to shed that excess weight in time for their weddings. DietsinReview will be recapping this show each week as the show progresses to keep you updated.

The show began with a preview of what the season will entail and an introduction of the two trainers, Jennifer Cohen and Nicky Holender, who will whip the contestants into shape and the wedding planner, Brian Worley, who will help the couples make their unique dream weddings come true.

It was apparent right off the bat that Jennifer and Nicky mean business when it comes to getting these couples into shape. They start by putting the couples through an intense workout that draws tears from more than one contestant. While the couples are exercising, we are introduced to each team.


Make Fitness Fun Again

It’s just a fact of life that motivation wanes. Whether you are the most seasoned exerciser, or a workout novice trying to build a fitness habit, you will find yourself at one point or the another dreading dragging yourself through one more workout.

The good news is, just like any stale relationship, you can breathe new life into your love for fitness by spicing up your routine. Here are some ideas to get your wheels spinning:

Sign up for a running group. You’ll make new friends, and gain a serious support group in your fellow runners, all for free. Check out rrca.org/find-a-running-club/ or check Craigslist.com for a list of clubs in your area. (more…)

Stress: The Ugly

Have you ever known someone that seems to always need to one up you on their stress? It was too common in graduate school to hear a conversation something like this:

I have a test tomorrow and a ten page paper due.”

I have two ten page papers due Friday and two tests this week.”

Well, I have to work 15 hours, read 100 pages, and write my research proposal this weekend.”

School is an easy example, but people everywhere in all situations do the same thing, trying to one up each other. Are we really competing over I’m more stressed than you are?!? I will let you win because I want to avoid all the negative effects of stress. We seem to want others to validate our stress rather than our health. (more…)