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FDA Rules Against Calling High Fructose Corn Syrup ‘Corn Sugar’

Manufacturers of the infamous substance known as high fructose corn syrup are displeased at the ruling that it will retain its unfortunate name, at least for now. After the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) petitioned to rename HFCS “corn sugar,” the Food and Drug Administration ruled yesterday that the change cannot be made.

This isn’t the first time the CRA has tried to get the name switched. In September 2021, the organization petitioned for the change, arguing that consumers have a bad view of HFCS because it has a complicated name.

But since the FDA has the authority to decide what food labels say, it argued back that the name change would be too confusing for consumers. This is because the FDA clearly defines sugar as “solid, dried, and crystallized” and syrup as “an aqueous solution or liquid food.” So calling a “syrup” a “sugar” would not be accurate.  (more…)

Sugar 101: Know the Different Types of Sugar on the Market

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of sugar in your grocery store? Last week, consumers responded, some in outrage, to the latest announcement from the Corn Refiner’s Association that high-fructose corn syrup is changing its name to “corn sugar.” While sweet-tooth beholders across America struggle to understand what kind of impact the allegedly nefarious “corn sugar” has on our bodies, we tend to overlook another important distinction: what is real sugar? (more…)

Consumers Respond to Corn Syrup to Corn Sugar Name Change

Corn syrup, corn sugar, high fructose corn syrup… are you confused yet? Changing the name of high fructose corn syrup to corn sugar seems to me to be a marketing ploy to avoid the bad press that high fructose corn syrup has received. Instead of recognizing the dangers that have been discovered and responding to market demands for healthier products, it seems that the companies that use high fructose corn syrup would rather hide their less expensive (and more dangerous) ingredient under a new name. This may be my soapbox, but it seems that I am not alone.

The New York Times asked a panel of nutrition experts to suggest a more accurate name change. Dr. Andrew Weil suggested maintaining High-Fructose Corn Syrup, which is currently the favorite of the reader poll, with Michael Pollan’s Enzymatically Engineered Corn Glucose in second place. The New York Times also asked readers to make their own suggestions in the comments section and several have done so.

Discover Magazine’s Discoblog compiled their top ten favorite reader suggestions. (more…)

Corn Sugar Versus High Fructose Corn Syrup – Understand the Difference

Just recently, the Corn Refiners Association took the legal steps necessary to change the name high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to the more innocuous name, “corn sugar.”

While the approval could take as long as two years, products are already being referred to as containing corn sugar, rather than HFCS.

For those who are a bit confused over the name change, you’re not alone. Corn sugar is just another name and form of sugar, and just like sucrose, HFCS, or dextrose, it can be added into candy, pasta sauce, soda, bread and thousands of other processed products.

So, exactly what is corn sugar and how does it fare in comparison to the now demonized high fructose corn syrup?